Projects Overview

I love writing code! What’s more, I love people using it. I can’t explain it, it just gives me the warm fuzzies.

Projects I maintain


I no longer run mailing lists due to ill health. You can still read the mailing list archives. You can email me and if I’m still around I’ll reply.

My repositories are hosted locally here. They likely won’t be maintained much anymore. I’ve created the Network Configuration organisation at GitHub where Ido Rosen has agreed to maintain my projects.

I also have some Mercurial repositories here.

If you want to say thank-you for my work, consider something from my Amazon wishlist.

Projects I’ve abandoned

  • cursplash - a curses based splash screen and progress bar for Linux.
  • dhcpcd-dbus - DBus bindings for dhcpcd.
  • khdaps - KDE HDAPS Monitor.
  • OpenRC - system initialisation and daemon management system.