I love writing code! What’s more, I love people using it. I can’t explain it, it just gives me the warm fuzzies.

Projects I maintain


You can email me and if I’m still around I’ll reply.

I’ve created the Network Configuration organisation at GitHub where Ido Rosen has agreed to maintain my projects. You can find all downloads there and file issues or create discussion topics.

All tags and releases since moving to GitHub are signed using GPG. Here is the fingerprint of my public key for verification:

A785 ED27 5595 5D9E 93EA  59F6 597F 97EA 9AD4 5549

I also have some Mercurial repositories here.

If you want to say thank-you for my work, consider something from my Amazon wishlist, or a donation via my PayPal account.

Projects I’ve abandoned

  • cursplash - a curses based splash screen and progress bar for Linux.
  • dhcpcd-dbus - DBus bindings for dhcpcd.
  • khdaps - KDE HDAPS Monitor.
  • OpenRC - system initialisation and daemon management system.