I love writing code! What's more, I love people using it. I can't explain it, it just gives me the warm fuzzies.

Projects I maintain


I use a Phabricator instance for ticketing, repository hosting and code reviews. My repositories are also mirrored to GitHub and mirrored in cgit if you prefer that.

I also have per-project mailing lists, which is powered by mlmmj. One interacts with mlmmj via email. To subscribe to a list, send an empty email to dhcpcd-discuss+subscribe@marples.name
Once subscribed to a list, you can post to it by sending an email to dhcpcd-discuss@marples.name
To unsubscribe from the a, send an empty email to dhcpcd-discuss+unsubscribe@marples.name
You can learn more about the capabilities of mlmmj by sending an empty mail to dhcpcd-discuss+help@marples.name
For other projects, simply change the dhcpcd part of the link to the project name in the above examples. The current lists are:

You can also read the mailing list archives

If you want to say thank-you for my work, consider something from my Amazon wishlist.

Old Project Repositories

I used to use Fossil as my SCM, wiki and ticketing system. You can find the above projects at the below URLs:

Hopefully they will keep up-to-date with the git masters, but there is no guarantee.

Projects I've abandoned