All about Me

Welcome to a little place on the Web devoted to Me, My Interests and What I Do.

Hello! My name is Roy Salisbury Marples. You may also know me from the monikers µße®LørÐ, !UberLord, UberL0rd or Ub3rL0rd on IRC, various internet forums and on-line gaming.

Aside from playing games, I do a lot of Open Source work, mainly to do with networking. See my project page for more information.

I'm also a NetBSD developer. I used to be a Gentoo developer, but have since retired due to political reasons. Gentoo still uses my software extensively, and OpenRC is their init system.

I'm a member of the Dead Men Walking gaming community and I'm currently playing Diablo 3 and Overwatch. We're really looking forward to Star Citizen. I'm also trying to get off the MMO bandwagon, having spent far to much very enjoyable time playing World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2.

You'll probably more interested in my blog than this page though. You can also . If you feel the urge, you can buy me something at Amazon as a way of saying thanks for the software and support ;-)

You can email me at for any queries. But I'd prefer you to open a project ticket if possible or use a project mailing list.

Marples on the Web

I'm the son of Rodney Brian Marples who has been busy digging into the Marples Family History. I'm also privileged to have the same name as my Great Uncle, Wing Commander Roy Marples, DFC & Bar.