Network Configurator is a Qt and GTK+ monitor and configuration GUI for dhcpcd.

Network Configurator sits in the notification area, it’s icon representing the overall network state. When attempting to negotiate an address you get a nice animation. A notification bubble is also shown per interface state change. A drop down menu shows available Access Points, which one your connected to, if they’re encrypted or not and their overall quality. You can click on one to configure the PSK or WEP key 0 for it.

Here is a screenshot showing the SSID list by clicking on the wireless icon.
SSID list

The connected SSID is shown first in bold with a green tick. Other SSID’s are then shown in a lexical order with icons to show security and strength.

Network Configurator is built on top of libdhcpcd (a C library, currently statically built into all the front ends) to allow the ease of writing a different front end with minimal backend work required. Once I’m happy with the interface, it will probably be available dynamically linked for others to use. Contact me if you want this sooner!

A LXDE Panel plugin is available from the RaspberryPi LXPanel repository.

A Curses interface is also supplied, but it’s functionality is very basic right now.

TODO ideas for the future

Downloads and Reporting Issues

Please refer to the the Network Configuration project for downloads and reporting issues.