Hello Phabricator

After waving a fond farewell to Fossil I give a hearty hello to Phabricator! The Good Phabricator is written in PHP which means I don’t have to install Yet Another Framework. I use quite a few things that depend on PHP on this site already, such as Grav and RoundCube. So of course, it allows me to self host. Or you can rent a Phabricator VPS @ Phacility. The sign up process (to my Phabricator instance, not somewhere else) is very straight-forward, allowing email/password with ReCaptha or use a OAuth2 provider such as Google.
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Learing ASP.NET Core

I rarely talk about work here. But in this case I will because although it’s unrelated entirely to my Open Source projects it’s actually very enjoyable for a change because we have the change to use some cutting edge tech. Like any large and old product there are crusty bits- some of ours are so crusty they are implemented in Visual Basic 6. So Management have give us the green light to replace a large chunk of that and now that we’re part of a bigger business (the joy’s of being bought by a large company) we have a mandate to use relevant tech.
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Virgin Media starting to turn on IPv6?

I’ve been trying to run an IPv6 tunnel without much success- it’s far to laggy to use for real work. So I’ve turned that off, and I just noticed I’m now getting an IPv6 Router Advertisement across my Super Hub3 in modem mode. I’ve gotten a default route AND a online prefix option to 2a02:8800:f000:2120::/64 (but sadly, no auto config flag). This prefix is owned by Virgin Media. So, I can ping the router but nothing else as I don’t have a public IPv6 IP address.
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Goodbye SpamAssassin, hello Rspamd!

In my continuing efforts to entirely self host, fighting spam is hard. I originally configured SpamAssassin on my mail server quite a few years ago, and to be fair it has done it’s job. But recently, more spam has been creeping through and my ever growing stack of addons (such as policyd-spf, OpenDKIM, OpenDMARC and others) to SA was eating quite a lot of memory on my poor server. So I shopped around and found Rspamd.
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openresolv in the news

OK, it’s not really in the news, but today I got a message of apprecation for what openresolv does. Thanks for openresolv. If only the whole world used it... Rome wasn’t built in a day. But it’s getting there- openresolv can be found in NetBSD and FreeBSD base systems. It’s available in most other OS’s package respositories to at least depend upon. Thanks