Ethan's 6th Birthday

Off to Paultons Park for the day. Which is a good thing as he got a tablet for his Birthday which requires the internet and Virgin Media disabled my access for 5 days due to an admin error revolving around a non delivered Hub5 to replace my Hub3. Anyway, we had an awesome time and seeing sheer joy on their faces as they rode the roller coasters really lifted my spirits and reminded me that quality family time is simply the best medicine you can ever have.
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Theo's 11th Birthday

This lad doesn’t seem to want for much, he was very happy with a new digital watch for his Birthday along with an Among Us tracksuit. He started the day with football training with Burton Youth FC. He’s really missed this due to lock down and football resuming on his Birthday was a huge win for him! After football we had lunch, presents and cake. To help the cake go down we then went to the beach where Theo displayed his knowledge of the Karate Kid as seen below.
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Ethan's Naming Day

So nice to have his naming day just after his Birthday :) Abbey made the a lovely teddy bear cake with his name in building blocks … seriously more tasty than any shop bought cake. Loads of family and friends from both sides of the family made it a wonderful ceremony ….. and social afternoon party. Well, the kids certainly had a party with a bouncy castle indoors! Thanks for coming everyone!
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Ethan's 1st Birthday

My, how time has long. It doesn’t seem too long ago since he arrived! He fell in love with his new panda right away, was unsure about the arrival of the Birthday cake but sure loved eating it ….. and the bath afterwards :) Happy Birthday Son!