So I’ve been taking pills to stop the growth of my cancer since March. It’s now December. My life in this period has been one of extreme paranoia - I know the pills won’t work forever. They have been doing an awesome job of keeping me tired (the #1 side effect) and has made my skin very irritable with tight clothing so I’m extremely casual these days.

The scans I’ve had have shown excellent progress - infact the last one showed that there was no active cancer left. Except in one little place which sadly was more active than the last scan. This means that the pills are not working 100% and sadly they need to. Sadly, it’s again on my neck which means it’s not possible to operate.

As a last roll of the dice I’ve undergone 2 weeks worth of Radiotherapy. The #2 side effect of this treatment is tiredness - so with the pills I have been extremely tired. Infact I’ve suffered most of the side effects of this treatment. But it is what it is. Here’s me with a beard to show the hair loss. Radiotherapy hair loss.

Hopefully the scans next year will show a better outlook and my new look will be worth it. Can’t really say I’m looking forward to Christmas or the New Year at the moment. My family are doing an awesome job of keeping me going through all of this, especially Abbey who has been my long suffering nurse for a while now. I love her so much!

Just before I started the radiotherapy, we got a puppy! Of course this was arranged before we knew I needed treatment. So with me feeling the side effects and Abbey having a very bad cold we haven’t exactly been the best of trainers and we have trained him to do his business indoors rather out because both of us have been unable to take him out! This will take a lot of effort to corect, but he has brought much love to our family even though I have to work with him demolishing my study when everyone else is out. Here’s a picture of the little chap we have called Buddy. Buddy

It has taken me far too long to get around to writing this entry. After Ethan’s Birthday day out and seeing the unbridled joy on my families faces as they braved the roller coasters, I broke down emotionally when faced with the realisation I might never see it again. Infact a roller coaster sums my emotional state quite well really.

So I had to write this. Hopefully I’ll have something better to write about in the New Year.