As I blogged about at the start of the year, I revealed that I have cancer. At the start of February I noticed a lump on my lump. This eventually turned into two lumps on my lump and was starting to give me some pain so I was called in for PET and MRI scans. Last week I was given the results of these scans and sadly, the cancer has spread from the single lymph node to my shoulder, spine and liver. This means that the immunotherapy treatment has failed to work despite the initial promise of it killing the cancer.

The new treatment plan is a pill based one which targets the cancer itself to stop it from growing. This, however, is not a cure and the life expectancy is not great. The median is one year and depending on which study you read 20-40% survive 5 years after which they seem to stop tracking. At the clinic I go to, one lady reportedly is on 7 years and still ticking.

So there’s potentially life in this old boy yet!