Soft Label Keys

After starting the year with curses work, I decided to do some more! Currently we lack Soft Label Key functions as specified by POSIX. What are these? Glad you asked! Soft Label Keys ripoff a line from the bottom of the screen and allow for up to 8 keys to be displayed there. You can define labels for them, colours, etc. “BIG WHOOP!" I hear you say. “My app already does this, why should I care?
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2017 starts with some cursing!

So over the holidays, I managed to get in some good quality family time and find some time to work on some Open Source stuff. I meant to work mainly on dhcpcd, but it turned out I spent most of my time working on NetBSD curses library so that Python Curses now works with it. Now, most people reading this blog may not care much for NetBSD or for curses, but it’s important because ncurses is used pretty much everywhere by default ….
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Right after all these years

So one of the main features of dhcpcd was the ability to add and remove addresses and subnets in accordance with interface preference and state. This worked very well in Linux, both for IPv4 and IPv6. When I discovered FreeBSD and then NetBSD making dhcpcd work with the same features provided troublesome. For the IPv4 case, we needed to patch the kernel so that IFA_ROUTE remained sane. For the IPv6 case it was a lot more complicated as parts of the IPv6 stack rely on the kernel processing Router Advertisements instead of a 3rd party tool.
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Linking with style .... and speed

So, I’ve been slowing going back to using GNOME instead of using KDE-4. I do this flip flop every once in a while as I’m never truely satisfied by either. Now, GNOME works quite happily on my Gentoo/Linux machines, but this is not the case on my favoured NetBSD ones. Or rather, parts of GNOME don’t work as they should, like the Evolution mail client. Evolution suffers two problems on my NetBSD box.
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terminfo merged into NetBSD

It’s taken some time, but my terminfo implementation is now merged into NetBSD :) No doubt there will be some fallout and flames, but it’s all about bringing some needed modernization into NetBSD!