Off on Holiday

Well, after all that happened with work and the recent and very successful business trip, I think I deserve one :D So it’s off to the Costa Del Sol for 2 glorious weeks! To appease the masses, dhcpcd-5.1.3 was released which will hopefully find its way into NetBSD-5.1. Try not to find any new bugs whilst I’m away ;)

Off to America

For a week! Another business trip, again to Chicago. Maybe the next trip will be to another part as this will have been 3 times now! Still, it’s a nice city :) Try not to report too many bugs with my software until I get back ;)

Service resumed

I’ve not blogged for a little while as my job has changed. In a nutshell Logos Technologies Ltd was going the way of the dodo and the directors had a falling out. The net result is that the assets of Logos Technologies Ltd were sold to Omnicom Systems. However, I work for a new startup called EDC Investments (no homepage yet) ….. and I’m working on the ALPHADAS(R) 2007a product which I’ve spent the majority of the last 10 years working on.
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So I’ve been away on a Cruise to France and Spain, aboard the Oceana to celebrate my Parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary (was last year, but the arrival of Robyn delayed things). It was my first cruise and it was a very enjoyable experience, which the exception of getting an acute allergic reaction from the on board Temple Spa shower gel (my normal stuff leaked). Since being back I’ve been very busy and both Abbey and I recovering from various ailments, but we’re now in tip top condition!
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