NetBSD curses ripoffline improvements

I implemented ripoffline(3) in NetBSD and it shipped in-8. It now transpires there were a few problems with the implementation, mainly in regards to screen resizing, which is an extension to POSIX, but supported by ncurses and PDCurses. Many improvements have been made with regards to compability with NetBSD and the others, but there are the following caveats: NetBSD will only resize stdscr, curscr and virtscr windows (like PDCurses) NetBSD clears the window when resized NetBSD will re-size and re-position the ripped off lines (like ncurses) NetBSD will not change LINES when ripoffline is called and may offset stdscr to it’s relative position on the screen.
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Soft Label Keys

After starting the year with curses work, I decided to do some more! Currently we lack Soft Label Key functions as specified by POSIX. What are these? Glad you asked! Soft Label Keys ripoff a line from the bottom of the screen and allow for up to 8 keys to be displayed there. You can define labels for them, colours, etc. “BIG WHOOP!" I hear you say. “My app already does this, why should I care?
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2017 starts with some cursing!

So over the holidays, I managed to get in some good quality family time and find some time to work on some Open Source stuff. I meant to work mainly on dhcpcd, but it turned out I spent most of my time working on NetBSD curses library so that Python Curses now works with it. Now, most people reading this blog may not care much for NetBSD or for curses, but it’s important because ncurses is used pretty much everywhere by default ….
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terminfo married to curses

My prior terminfo work has been completed and merged with curses. Userland applications have been re-worked where needed and everything is working just fine! So NetBSD finally has an up to date replacement for the legacy termcap it currently uses. Well, it will have when merged - I’ve only just asked for testing so it might take some time before it hits-current.