I recently posted about that my ERLite died. Well, it turns out that the flashing green light generally means a power supply issue. EDIT The ERLite is about 3 and a half years old as I’ve had a few people ask me that.

Not having a spare 12V 1A adapter with the right barrel made testing this pretty darn hard and desperate times convinced me to buy the USG (which is still working like a champ, no regrets here!). So I waited until everyone was in bed (not hard due to my medication as I don’t sleep much) and used the USG power supply. Still didn’t boot, but performing a hardware reset did!

Unsure what the hardware reset does, maybe update some internal flash a little, unsure if it touches the USB stick or relies on EdgeOS being installed rather than say NetBSD, but it’s done the trick! I bought a cheapo 12V 1A AC adapter with the right barrel size and plugged it in today and it still boots.

This means I can keep the USG powering my internet at blazingly fast speeds and the ERLite for NetBSD development as it doesn’t support any of the network hardware offload the ERLite has, so throughput suffers as a result.

If anyone from Ubiquiti reads this, please do something about your power adapters as it seems this has happened to quite a few customers after reading past community posts on your forums!

Thanks to the wonderful folks over at the NetBSD port-mips mailing list for their valuable assistance.