I have grown bored of constantly trying to manage my blog and project pages with different CMS’s which at various stages have failed me. Aside from my health, this is the main reason why I’ve not made many blog entries for a long long time. I need to make updating and maintaining this easier! As such I am developing my own CMS using SvelteKit. And because I’m lazy, I’m using MDsveX to keep my content in Markdown so it keeps the content separate from the implementation.

Unlike work, I am also trying just to use the minimal CSS required for a nice-ish look so no layout or styling framework is used. It does look a little basic, but this is also an experiment for me. Feel free to send me any critique at roy@marples.name.

The code and assets for this site are stored in a private github repo and is deployed automatically per commit to Vercel who offer a free hobby account. This setup is so damned easy and I no longer care about hosting issues as such. I have had to make some trade offs though - the old mailing list archives and downloads are no longer available on my site. You can still get downloads from my the Network Configuration project.