Holiday needed from Holiday

I learned an important lesson about being a parent whilst on holiday- you don’t actually have a holiday as you’re just looking after the kids somewhere else!

Still, it was very enjoyable. 24-28 deg C with only one day where it was too windy to sunbathe :)

I’ve done almost zero coding since I got back as I’ve been involved in meetings so damned much. This is good though, as we now have a very clear idea on how to achieve World Domination! Actually, it means that we spend less time coding to achieve the same end goal which means a better product delivered faster.

The holiday did hi-light an important need- my aging Motorola PEBL isn’t up to the job of being a phone anymore AND having one that can be a tethered modem cheaply is essential. Or at least send/receive emails and remote desktop. As such I’m hopefully getting the new BlackBerry Storm2 or BlackBerry Bold 9700. As I’ll be making more trips to other parts of the world in the near future, this will become very essential very fast.