dhcpcd added to DragonFlyBSD .... FreeBSD next?

So, dhcpcd was added to DragonFlyBSD almost a year ago. Recently I’ve become a DragonFlyBSD committer with the express purpose of easing dhcpcd into the role of the default DHCP client.

All of the really needed kernel improvements are now in and dhcpcd doesn’t log any more compile warnings, but there is more work to be done such as RFC 5227 support, restarting DaD on link state up and denying the use of an address until validated. I’m quite enjoying working on DragonFlyBSD … their SMP approach is very interesting and in many ways much easier to work with than NetBSDs fine grained locking approach.

And then out of the blue, a discussion crops up on the FreeBSD mailing list about putting dhcpcd into the FreeBSD base system! This has led into me working on Priviledge Seperation which seems to be the only show stopper for FreeBSD acceptance. I have a reasonable idea on how this should work and hopefully this will be enough.