# parpd

Welcome to the project page for parpd, a RFC 1027 compliant Proxy ARP Daemon.

# Downloads

parpd is released under the 2 clause BSD license.

You can find a distinfo (.distinfo) file and GPG signature (.distinfo.asc) for newer releases alongside the released archive.
GPG Fingerprint: A785 ED27 5595 5D9E 93EA 59F6 597F 97EA 9AD4 5549

# Configuration

Configuration is found in the file /etc/parpd.conf
Comment lines should start with # or ;
Each line compromises of two or three words:
<command> <inet address> [<hardware address>]

Here are some examples:

# parpd.conf example

# These two do the same thing

# Send this hardware address to this host
proxy aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

# Ignore a host
# another parpd.conf example

# This one is more interesting - it tells parpd to proxy all ARP requests
# except for a specific subnet.