With the following changes:

  • BSD: Find the correct interface for tunnelled routes
  • OpenBSD: Fix uniqueness of routes for matching priorities
  • Linux: Support more platforms for seccomp (thanks to Fabrice Fontaine)
  • eloop: Process all waiting fd’s as they come in
  • control: Unlink sockets when not in privsep
  • privsep: Renamed Master to Manager
  • privsep: Renamed Privilged Actioneer to Privileged Proxy
  • privsep: Fix getting interface VLANID on BSD
  • privsep: Enforce proper alignment of serialized struct cmsghdr
  • IPv4LL: Don’t remove statically assigned addresses
  • routes: Fix route comparision for network prefixes with different masks
  • DHCP6: Only send FQDN for SOLICIT, REQUEST, RENEW, or REBIND messages
  • DHCP6: Don’t spam the log when a RA repeatedly triggers an INFORM
  • DHCP: Fix infinite INFORM messages

There are a few other minor bug fixes. The import-src target has changed a bit so that it will build and install the static platform independant files for you rather than forcing the OS build system to do it.