With the following changes:

  • route: ensure IPv4LL routes come last in priority
  • DHCP: Fix many issues with extending the last lease
  • privsep: don’t read control group from config in privsep
  • privsep: only the master process responds to signals
  • privsep: use a socketpair for stderr/stdin rather than dupping /dev/null
  • privsep: right limit stdin/stderr/stdout
  • privsep: dumping a lease is now run in a sandbox
  • options: check if kernel supports INET or INET6 before enabling default
  • options: let clientid override a prior duid
  • options: allow-1 to represent infinity for requested lease time
  • dhcpcd: Fix a crash initing a new interface after route overflow
  • Linux: fix reading the IPv6 forwarding proc entry