Welcome to my Site

Hello visitor!

I have grown bored of constantly trying to manage my blog and project pages with different CMS’s which at various stages have failed me. As such I am developing my own CMS using SvelteKit which I have been using at work. And because I’m lazy, I’m using MDsveX to keep my content in Markdown so it keeps the content separate from the implementation.

Unlike work, I am also trying just to use the minimal CSS required for a nice-ish look so no layout or styling framework is used.

You can use the menu bar icons at the top of this window to find my blog or my projects.

Feel free to send me any critique at roy@marples.name.

Sometimes I signed stuff using GPG. Here is the fingerprint of my public key for verification:

A785 ED27 5595 5D9E 93EA  59F6 597F 97EA 9AD4 5549