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So I've been away on a Cruise to France and Spain, aboard the Oceana to celebrate my Parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary (was last year, but the arrival of Robyn delayed things). It was my first cruise and it was a very enjoyable experience, which the exception of getting an acute allergic reaction from the on board Temple Spa shower gel (my normal stuff leaked).

Since being back I've been very busy and both Abbey and I recovering from various ailments, but we're now in tip top condition! As such I've had time to post some new screen shots.

Now the parents have promised a repeat cruise in 9 years time - can't wait :)

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1 years young today :D

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36 years young today :D

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So I spent all last week in bed :DOK, that's a small lie. I spent the evenings in the bedroom as the lounge was being re-painted. It's now a nice just off white colour for that nice spaceous look :) The end result of course meant a lack of WoW playing. But that was no bad thing as I got some quality time in with Abbey and Robyn :P Thanks to "Rob" for buying me 300 on DVD - I'll hopefully watch it this weekend over a few beers :)Oh yeah - if you (yes, you the reader!) put your name on future gifts for me (keep em rolling - they're all good ;) ), it's probably also an idea to put your screen name on too as I know quite a few "Rob"s, the most obvious one being my brother

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And without any major catastrophic events either :D However, one catastrophe is the lack of wedding pictures on this blog! So here's a picture of a passionate snog on our first holiday.

That picture was taken over 5 years ago now and each and every kiss is new, exciting and very very intoxicating }:) We're still madly in love with each other, probably more-so than ever.

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