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It's been a very long time since the last release - over 2.5 years! It's seen a lot of changes since then, but mainly minor improvements here and there. Some of the important changes are:

  • added dhcpcd-curses - this is very much a work in progress
  • allow background scanning when interface is down
  • wireless icon represents signal strength better
  • improved wpa_suppliant interaction
  • Qt5 is supported
  • supports newer dhcpcd variables

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Minor update with the following changes:

  • OpenBSD: compiles again
  • BSD: Check RTM lengths incase of kernel issues
  • DHCP6: Don't stop even when last router goes away
  • DHCP6: Fix inform from RA
  • hostname: Fix short hostname check

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dhcpcd-7.2.2 has been released with the following fixes:

  • DHCP: Ensure dhcp is running on the interface received from
  • BSD: Link handling has been simplified, however it is expected that if an interface supports SIOCGIFMEDIA then it reports the correct link status via route(4) for reliable operations
  • BPF: ARP filter is more robust
  • BSD and sun: Validate RTM message lengths

This security issue has been addressed

  • DHCPv6: Fix a potential read overflow with D6_OPTION_PD_EXCLUDE


Patch for dhcpcd-7 if you don't want to upgrade to dhcpcd-7.2.2:

dhcpcd-6.11.7 has been released as well, with this in. I have no plans to fix earlier versions, heck you shouldn't even be using dhcpcd-6!

Many thanks to Maxime Villard for discovering this issue.


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dhcpcd-7.2.0 has been released with the following changes of note:

  • build: latest gmake-3 works once more
  • build: exits on error in a subdir
  • BSD: PF_LINK sockets now closed when no longer needed
  • BSD: Fix detecting interface for scoped routes
  • Solaris: Many, many, many fixes - pretty much works now
  • script: Allow "" to mean /dev/null
  • script: Add static routers and routes to env
  • DHCP: outbound interface is no longer dictated with IP_PKTINFO
  • DHCP: BPF sockets now closed when no longer needed
  • DHCPv6: Allow nooption dhcp6_unicast to work
  • DHCPv6: Don't spam syslog if we always get the same error
  • route: Log pid which deleted routes of interest

Sorry for the longer delay than normal in getting this release out. Anwyay, this is likely the last feature release from the -7 branch. Just minor bug fixes and any security issues from this point. A dhcpcd-7 branch has now been created for maintainance.


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Welcome to 2018 :)
dhcpcd-7.0.0 has been released!

Here's the list of changes from rc4:

  • dhcp: when unicasting on L3, unicast on L2 as well
  • dhcp: when rebooting, don't set cidaddr
  • dhcp6: don't listen on IPv6 addresses when not using DHCPv6
  • dhcp: only set probe state when probing (fixes REBOOT reason)
  • linux: use IFA_F_NOPREFIXROUTE for IPv4 addresses
  • ipv6: disable kernel RA if interface is active
  • hooks: set protocol to link for link layer events

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