hg-fastimport-0.1.1 released

Dipping my toe into Mercurial ….. Supports Mercurial 5.6+ and Python 3.6+! Keeps support for Python 2.7! No external dependencies other than Mercurial and Python! Optionally uses SQLite database for faster blob imports! Available on PiPy.org! https://roy.marples.name/hg/ https://roy.marples.name/hg/hg-fastimport/ https://roy.marples.name/projects/hg-fastimport/ https://roy.marples.name/projects/hg-fastimport/downloads/ https://pypi.org/project/hg-fastimport/ https://www.mercurial-scm.org/wiki/FastImportExtension

dhcpcd-ui-0.7.8 released

dhcpcd-0.7.8 has been released with the following changes: libdhcpcd: limit messages to SSIZE_MAX libdhcpcd: Add support for dhcpcd NOCARRIER_ROAMING reason ncurses: may define curs_set outside of curses ui: Don’t notify new scan results if ANY interface is connected icons: Convert to PNG from SVG using cairosvg rather than librsvg configure: Fix notify for GTK+ ftp://roy.marples.name/pub/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-ui-0.7.8.tar.xz http://roy.marples.name/downloads/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-ui-0.7.8.tar.xz

dhcpcd-9.4.0 released

With the following changes: DHCP: For anonymous, just use a generic ClientID link: Split hardware address randomisation out of anonymous option link: Only report hardware changes for active interfaces link: Report errors obtaining recv buffer size on overflow hooks: Add NOCARRIER_ROAMING reason hooks: interface_order now reflects priorities again Linux: SECCOMP fixes for privsep for various platforms Linux: Persist IP when wireless is roaming With this release, NOCARRIER_ROAMING and CARRIER after NOCARRIER_ROAMING now requires either no resolvconf or a resolvconf which supports the Deprecate-C option and the Activate-c option.
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openresolv-3.12.0 released

with the following changes: Allow configurations to be marked as Deprecated and Acivtated Harden resolvconf lock detection If using resolvconf, dhcpcd-9.4.0 will require a resolvconf implementation which supports the Deprecate option-C and Activate option-c if the OS supports the concept of IP persistance. Currently this is Linux (wireless roaming) and NetBSD-8 (IP persistance). If there is no resolvconf then it works fine. If there is a resolvconf which lacks these options then the 20-resolv.
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dhcpcd-9.3.4 released

With the following changes: DHCP: If error adding the address in oneshot, exit with failure DHCP: Only listen to the address if we successfully added it DHCP6: Fix segfault introduced in dhcpcd-9.3.3 DHCP6: Abort in test mode when an error is returned by server options: allow–ia_na=1 and–ia_pd=2 on the command line options: Allow duid to take a value ftp://roy.marples.name/pub/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-9.3.4.tar.xz https://roy.marples.name/downloads/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-9.3.4.tar.xz

dhcpcd-9.3.3 released

With the following changes: dhcpcd: Don’t create a launcher process if keeping in foreground dhcpcd: Add–noconfigure option control: Create an unpriv socket for non master mode options: Don’t log unknown ones when printing pidfile location privsep: Fix Linux ARM32 and operating over a serial terminal Linux: Fix detection of IPv4 addresses Linux: Fix namespace matching issue ftp://roy.marples.name/pub/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-9.3.3.tar.xz https://roy.marples.name/downloads/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-9.3.3.tar.xz

dhcpcd-9.3.2 released

With the following changes: DHCP: Add support for IPv6-Only Preferred option, RFC 8925. BSD: LINK_STATE_UNKNOWN is treated as UP once again privsep: fix Linux SECCOMP for more platforms privsep: add a debugger for SECCOMP (disabled by default) privsep: pass logging to the privileged actioneer privsep: allow logfile re-opening to work privsep: close BPF socket on ENXIO privsep: don’t leave a BOOTP BPF listener rebooting in non master mode ftp://roy.
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dhcpcd-9.3.1 released

With the following changes: dhcpcd: carrier handling issue fixed from 9.3.0 dhcpcd: log if interface type is unsupported in debug duid: memory leak fixed if UUID wanted but none available privsep: fix receiving inet and no BPF running privsep: allow gettimeofday for SECCOMP privsep: fix stderr redirection again Linux: use libbsd setproctitle as it works with more kernel configs ftp://roy.marples.name/pub/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-9.3.1.tar.xz http://roy.marples.name/downloads/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-9.3.1.tar.xz

dhcpcd-9.3.0 released

With the following changes: dhcpcd: Backticks have been removed from quoting filenames dhcpcd: Only manipulate stdin, stdout and stderr if they are valid duid: Adjust option so the type can be specified logerr: Don’t leak logfile fd to scripts privsep: Support SECCOMP on Linux privsep: Run the launcher process in the sandbox privsep: getifaddrs now carries ifa_data for BSD BSD: Use ifi_link_state as the single source of truth about carrier BSD: Ignore vether(4) devices by default Linux: If in a network namespace, don’t load udev plugin ftp://roy.
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dhcpcd-9.2.0 released

With the following changes: route: ensure IPv4LL routes come last in priority DHCP: Fix many issues with extending the last lease privsep: don’t read control group from config in privsep privsep: only the master process responds to signals privsep: use a socketpair for stderr/stdin rather than dupping /dev/null privsep: right limit stdin/stderr/stdout privsep: dumping a lease is now run in a sandbox options: check if kernel supports INET or INET6 before enabling default options: let clientid override a prior duid options: allow-1 to represent infinity for requested lease time dhcpcd: Fix a crash initing a new interface after route overflow Linux: fix reading the IPv6 forwarding proc entry ftp://roy.
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