2019-10-08 Roy MarplesFix mandoc lint errors. master
2019-10-08 Roy Marplesattack command will attack RFC 5227 implementations
2019-10-07 Roy MarplesFix more compile warnings.
2019-10-07 Roy MarplesFix a compile warning
2019-10-07 Roy MarplesLinux: File compile warnings
2019-10-07 Roy Marplesbuild: Add common.h for compat
2019-10-07 Roy Marplesbuild: Add compat to import-src
2019-10-07 Roy Marplesbuild: Fix test for TAILQ_FOREACH_SAFE
2019-10-07 Roy MarplesLinux: Fix compile
2019-10-07 Roy Marplescompat: Add rbtree(3) from NetBSD
2019-10-07 Roy MarplesFavour rbtree(3) over queue(3).
2019-10-07 Roy MarplesBSD: BIOCIMMEDIATE is unsigned int
2019-10-07 Roy Marplesbuild: ignore configure generated files
2019-10-07 Roy MarplesDon't use phabricator anymore
2019-10-07 Roy MarplesAdd compat for strlcpy
2019-10-07 Roy Marplesbuild: Use configure rather than mk stubs
2017-06-28 Emmanuel DreyfusFix kqueue usage when forking in the background
2017-03-24 Roy MarplesPrepare for 1.7 parpd-1.7
2017-03-24 Roy MarplesAnother tweak.
2017-03-24 Roy MarplesRevert
2017-03-24 Roy MarplesTweak
2017-03-24 Roy MarplesAdd LICENSE file.
2017-03-24 Mantas MikulnasFix inverted check for ARP packet type
2017-03-24 Mantas Mikul─ŚnasDo not crash when ifa_addr is null
2017-03-24 Roy MarplesAdd an .arcconfig file for arcanist to talk to phabricator.
2017-03-14 Roy MarplesPrepare for 1.6 parpd-1.6
2017-03-14 Roy MarplesWhitespace and copyright
2017-03-14 Roy Marplesarp_bpf -> bpf_arp
2017-03-14 Roy MarplesRemove fairly useless installation instructions.
2017-03-11 Roy MarplesAdd distclean support.
2017-03-11 Roy MarplesUse xz to create archives, drop svn support.
2017-03-11 Roy MarplesMinor man page updates.
2017-03-11 Roy MarplesFilter out ARP replies, we only want requests.
2017-03-11 Roy MarplesRename raw functions to bpf so they are more descriptive.
2017-03-11 Roy MarplesImprove the BPF filter based on the latest dhcpcd code.
2017-03-11 Roy MarplesFix a memory leak.
2017-03-10 Roy MarplesUpgrade to the latest eloop from dhcpcd.
2017-03-10 Roy MarplesWelcome to 2017.
2017-03-10 Roy MarplesPhabricator doesn't seem to like Markdown reference...
2017-03-10 Roy MarplesAdd an initial
2017-03-10 Roy MarplesAdd a .gitignore file
2017-03-10 Roy MarplesUse inet_pton to convert inet addresses so 169.254...
2017-02-19 Roy MarplesDefault to using O2
2016-11-05 Roy MarplesRemove distinfo files before making them and keep disti...
2016-11-04 Roy MarplesAdd distinfo target from dhcpcd
2016-02-29 Roy MarplesFix compile.
2016-02-29 Roy Marpleshcreate_r is not portable, so use hcreate(3).
2016-02-28 Roy MarplesAdd queue.h for Linux, taken from NetBSD.
2016-02-28 Roy MarplesSync latest eloop.
2016-02-26 Roy MarplesSync eloop with master from dhcpcd.
2016-02-26 Roy MarplesNote proxying correctly.
2016-02-26 Roy MarplesAdd eloop from dhcpcd for kqueue(2) and epoll(7) support.
2016-02-25 Roy MarplesAll platforms now support getline(3).
2016-02-25 Roy MarplesUse calloc here.
2016-02-25 Roy MarplesRemove syslog from here, errors reported higher up.
2016-02-25 Roy Marplesadd more debug flags
2016-02-25 Roy MarplesClean some compiler warnings
2014-10-21 Roy MarplesActually work with half proxy
2014-10-21 Roy MarplesAdd the halfproxy command to ignore requests from the...
2014-04-23 Roy MarplesAdd fossil support.
2013-12-22 Roy MarplesRemove .gitignore as we're now using fossil
2010-04-21 Roy MarplesRelease parpd-1.5 parpd-1.5
2010-04-21 Roy MarplesEnsure that we handle our buffer correctly.
2009-05-01 Roy MarplesAdd (c) to Copyright
2009-04-30 Roy MarplesGo back to using git
2009-04-24 Roy MarplesRelease parpd-1.4 parpd-1.4
2009-04-24 Roy MarplesFix compile on BSD.
2009-04-24 Roy MarplesRemove OS specific code to detect interfaces and use...
2009-04-24 Roy MarplesCheck if daemon call worked or not.
2009-04-24 Roy MarplesRemove .depend before creating it.
2009-04-20 Roy MarplesRelease 1.3 parpd-1.3
2009-03-12 Roy Marplesmandoc mandates the presence of .Os
2008-10-29 Roy Marples~0U is better than just ~0 for this.
2008-10-27 Roy MarplesAllow default parpd.conf location to be tunable.
2008-10-27 Roy MarplesRelease 1.1.1 parpd-1.1.1
2008-10-27 Roy MarplesWe don't install an example parpd.conf, so remove this.
2008-10-17 Roy MarplesRelease 1.1 parpd-1.1
2008-10-17 Roy MarplesNo need to check the ip alone.
2008-10-17 Roy MarplesStore the network ID instead of IP.
2008-10-15 Roy MarplesCast to void * to avoid compiler warnings on Sparc64.
2008-10-15 Roy MarplesCompile fixes for FreeBSD-6
2008-10-14 Roy MarplesWe are only removing ifaces without pents, so this...
2008-10-14 Roy MarplesIf hwaddr is a comment then make it NULL.
2008-10-14 Roy MarplesIntroduce the interface command in parpd.conf. This...
2008-10-14 Roy MarplesAdd more comments.
2008-10-14 Roy MarplesOptimize get_word a little and describe its function.
2008-10-14 Roy MarplesAdd a fgetln wrapper for non BSD systems. Use glibc...
2008-10-14 Roy MarplesSave a few hundred bytes by using fgetln instead of...
2008-10-13 Roy MarplesUse sscanf to pull directly onto ifr. This saves needin...
2008-10-13 Roy MarplesPunt xmalloc and friends. Move get_line to parpd.c...
2008-10-08 Roy MarplesWe don't really have these functions from dhcpcd.
2008-10-08 Roy MarplesWe should not redefine UNCONST here.
2008-10-07 Roy MarplesFix reporting.
2008-10-07 Roy MarplesInitial import.