2013-01-04 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.5.4 openresolv-3.5.4
2013-01-04 Roy MarplesDetect and work with systemd.
2012-12-30 Roy Marplesnameservers= should be name_servers=
2012-12-07 Roy MarplesStop quering the dnsmasq pidfile, compile options and...
2012-12-07 Roy MarplesAlign comment better.
2012-12-07 Roy MarplesOur test for SetDomainServers being in dnsmasq relies...
2012-12-06 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.5.3 openresolv-3.5.3
2012-12-02 Roy MarplesProtocols are normally interface:protocol, so sort...
2012-12-02 Roy MarplesSupport SetDomainServers DBus method for dnsmasq so...
2012-11-07 Roy MarplesSend dnsmasq IPv6 addresses constructed like A:B::C
2012-10-02 Roy MarplesAdd a section about integration.
2012-10-02 Roy MarplesUpdate copyright.
2012-10-02 Roy MarplesDetect Slackware named (rc.bind) service.
2012-06-11 Roy MarplesIf we receive multiple dns servers against a domain,
2012-04-21 Roy MarplesEmulate autoconf a bit more
2012-04-06 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.5.2 openresolv-3.5.2
2012-04-01 Roy MarplesPrefer /run and /libexec if found, otherwise fallback...
2012-03-30 Roy MarplesDon't restart dnsmasq needlessly.
2012-03-27 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.5.1 openresolv-3.5.1
2012-03-27 Roy MarplesFix resolv_conf_local_only.
2012-03-26 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.5.0 openresolv-3.5.0
2012-03-26 Roy MarplesFix IPv6 parsing when a domain has an IPv4 address...
2012-03-19 Roy MarplesAdd .Lk macro to URLs
2012-02-22 Roy MarplesTurn of globbing when matching backlist entries.
2012-02-22 Roy MarplesAdd domain_blacklist and name_server_blacklist variables.
2012-02-22 Roy MarplesAdd resolv_conf_local_only which defaults to true.
2012-01-31 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.4.6 openresolv-3.4.6
2012-01-30 Roy MarplesCopyright
2012-01-30 Roy MarplesSend IPv6 domain servers to dnsmasq via dbus.
2011-12-15 Roy Marplesdnsmasq does not support setting IPv6 domain forwarders...
2011-11-24 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.4.5 openresolv-3.4.5
2011-11-23 Roy MarplesEnsure that we save all changes, including just a metri...
2011-08-12 Roy MarplesAdd domain, if available, to resolv.conf.
2011-08-11 Roy Marplesresolvconf -v now outputs DOMAIN= which is the first...
2011-08-11 Roy MarplesUse read -r so that we ignore any backslash.
2011-08-11 Roy MarplesInstead of extracting options and sortlist we now just...
2011-08-11 Roy MarplesDocument resolv_conf_sortlist.
2011-08-11 Roy MarplesWhen printing the interfaces resolv.conf we should...
2011-08-10 Roy MarplesRespect the sortlist resolv.conf option
2011-08-10 Roy MarplesMatch the --libexecdir behaviour of dhcpcd
2011-07-25 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.4.4 openresolv-3.4.4
2011-07-25 Roy MarplesDon't write pdnsd.conf if it doesn't exist or it's...
2011-07-25 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.4.3 openresolv-3.4.3
2011-07-24 Roy MarplesTry to ensure that the directories our config files...
2011-06-13 Roy MarplesUse printf %s
2011-06-13 Roy MarplesFix pdnsd for printf(1)
2011-06-13 Roy MarplesUse printf %s for printing interface names.
2011-06-13 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.4.2 openresolv-3.4.2
2011-06-13 Roy MarplesUse printf %s so user send data cannot do any formatting.
2011-06-01 Roy MarplesImprove shell portability
2011-05-13 Roy MarplesRemove extra BUGS section.
2011-04-21 Roy MarplesTypo.
2010-12-28 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.4.1 openresolv-3.4.1
2010-12-23 Roy MarplesFix rc-service call by passing -Ds to the service and...
2010-11-05 Roy MarplesExport LOCALNAMESERVERS for any non shell subscribers.
2010-11-05 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.4.0 openresolv-3.4.0
2010-11-04 Roy Marples-d instead of -x
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesAdd a kuldge so named can work out of the box on Debian
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesAllow service names to be configured.
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesFix invoke-rc.d a little.
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesFix for Makefile syntax.
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesWorkaround a bug in the dash shell
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesMatch copyright in other subscribers
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesUse a configure command instead of working things out...
2010-10-30 Roy MarplesIf local name servers are configured by resolvconf...
2010-10-30 Roy MarplesFix for no entries.
2010-10-29 Roy MarplesAllow search domains and name servers to be appended.
2010-10-29 Roy MarplesAllow pdnsd_conf to work without pdnsd_resolv.
2010-10-29 Roy MarplesDocument pdnsd_conf option.
2010-10-29 Roy MarplesWhitespace
2010-10-29 Roy MarplesAllow pdnsd to add forward domains to it's configuratio...
2010-10-28 Roy MarplesAdd support for pdnsd.
2010-09-23 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.3.6
2010-09-23 Roy MarplesAdd missing -I option to getopt(1p) call.
2010-07-04 Roy MarplesWe should not abuse Ta.
2010-06-10 Roy MarplesSupport dbus on dnsmasq on Debian.
2010-06-10 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.3.5 openresolv-3.3.5
2010-06-10 Roy MarplesSupport Debian invoke-rc.d
2010-01-28 Roy MarplesTypo. Thanks to David Horn.
2009-12-04 Roy MarplesDon't stomp on existing configs.
2009-12-04 Roy Marplesname_servers is stripped of local host and then passed...
2009-12-04 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.3.4
2009-12-04 Roy MarplesFix a restart issue.
2009-12-04 Roy MarplesAllow only one configuration file to be configured.
2009-12-04 Roy MarplesSIGHUP can restart unbound nicely. If that fails, resta...
2009-12-03 Roy MarplesAllow expansion of private_interfaces
2009-12-03 Roy MarplesExport 'resolvconf -v' variables for executeble subscri...
2009-12-03 Roy MarplesInstall subscribers without the execute bit.
2009-11-21 Roy MarplesFix distfile openresolv-3.3.3
2009-11-21 Roy MarplesRelease 3.3.3
2009-11-20 Roy MarplesImprove subscriber documentation.
2009-11-20 Roy MarplesIgnore unbound
2009-11-20 Roy MarplesUse resolv.conf.head and tail files if present.
2009-11-20 Roy MarplesAdd import target
2009-11-20 Roy MarplesAdd a README
2009-11-15 Roy MarplesDocument that resolvconf.conf is a shell script.
2009-11-15 Roy MarplesAdd support for the unbound nameserver -
2009-11-12 Roy MarplesDocument what the subscriber files are used for.
2009-11-12 Roy MarplesAllow state_dir to override the compiled VARDIR variable.
2009-10-25 Roy MarplesDocument resolv_conf_options.