2008-08-20 Roy MarplesDon't state the man page section in the header.
2008-08-19 Roy Marplessed is not always available in /bin, so stop using...
2008-04-07 Roy MarplesRelease 1.5.1
2008-04-07 Roy MarplesCorrect pid path.
2008-03-07 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-1.5
2008-03-07 Roy MarplesMan page updates.
2008-03-07 Roy Marpleswhitespace
2008-03-06 Roy MarplesInstall the head file.
2008-03-06 Roy MarplesMove the generated by comment to the head file so the...
2008-03-06 Roy MarplesEnsure newlines appear.
2008-03-06 Roy MarplesFix dnsmasq dbus suppport for NetBSD.
2008-03-05 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-1.4
2008-03-05 Roy MarplesRejig our Makefile to better support NetBSD. We now...
2008-02-12 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-1.3
2008-02-12 Roy MarplesAll vars should be upper case and descriptive.
2008-02-11 Roy MarplesUse POSIX getopts shell builtin to make life easier...
2008-02-09 Roy MarplesWe shouldn't ship the .gitignore file
2008-02-09 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-1.2
2008-02-09 Roy MarplesIgnore distfiles.
2008-02-09 Roy MarplesTypo
2008-02-09 Roy Marplesman page fixes
2008-02-09 Roy MarplesRe-write the man page in mdoc format and clear a few...
2008-02-09 Roy Marpleslibc updater now updates /etc/resolv.conf (or whatever...
2008-02-09 Roy MarplesAdd an ignore file.
2008-02-08 Roy MarplesError when deleting or listing non existant resolv...
2008-02-08 Roy MarplesRemove vim comments and fix formatting a little.
2008-02-08 Roy MarplesFix return codes, Gentoo #209369.
2008-01-31 Roy Marpleskill 2>/dev/null as we just interested in if we can...
2007-12-30 Roy MarplesRelease 1.1
2007-12-30 Roy MarplesDon't set PREFIX or DESTDIR to blank so we work as...
2007-12-10 Roy MarplesFix manpage typo
2007-12-10 Roy MarplesFix installing man pages
2007-12-10 Roy Marplesexample resolv.conf files don't have # prefixing non...
2007-12-10 Roy MarplesFix man page a little and remove remaining Gentoo refer...
2007-11-29 Roy Marplesdbus pidfile location varies a little
2007-11-28 Roy Marpleswhitespace
2007-11-28 Roy MarplesMerge branch 'master' of marples:/var/git/openresolv
2007-11-28 Roy MarplesEnsure resolv.conf is created with the correct umask.
2007-11-19 Roy MarplesFix Makefile
2007-11-19 Roy MarplesDon't hardcode as much
2007-11-16 Roy MarplesAlign help text
2007-11-16 Roy Marplesextra man section
2007-11-16 Roy MarplesFix the Makefile for gmake and pmake
2007-11-16 Roy MarplesClean our tarball too
2007-11-16 Roy MarplesUpdate Makefile so we have a better install sytsem...
2007-11-16 Roy MarplesFix typo
2007-11-16 Roy MarplesFix mandir again
2007-11-16 Roy MarplesUse cat instead of grep for listing our resolvconfs
2007-11-16 Roy MarplesGentoo installed bind into /etc/bind, we should try...
2007-11-16 Roy Marplesresolvconf -s now does service commands so subscribers...
2007-11-16 Roy MarplesRespect MANPREFIX
2007-11-12 Roy MarplesDon't rely on /etc/init.d being OpenRC
2007-11-11 Roy MarplesOnly update our files if PREFIX is non null and not /
2007-11-11 Roy MarplesFix PREFIX again
2007-11-11 Roy MarplesOnly use OpenRC options if /sbin/runscript is present...
2007-11-11 Roy MarplesOnly restart named if it's running (BSD) and only use...
2007-11-10 Roy MarplesInstall the named subscriber
2007-11-10 Roy MarplesFix the default PREFIX
2007-11-10 Roy MarplesFix the default PREFIX
2007-11-10 Roy MarplesCheck of the dnsmasq pidfile has any data
2007-11-10 Roy MarplesAdd the named subscriber
2007-11-10 Roy MarplesChange to 2 clause BSD license
2007-11-10 Roy MarplesUpdate the man page paths witht the installed PREFIX
2007-11-09 Roy MarplesAdd the dnsmasq subscriber.
2007-11-09 Roy MarplesRe-license as 3 clause BSD as I'm the author. The Gento...
2007-11-09 Roy MarplesReturn better error codes when we fail.
2007-11-09 Roy MarplesImprove var dir creation.
2007-11-09 Roy MarplesRemove the silly test for root
2007-11-09 Roy MarplesAdd some extra knobs so that it slides into the FreeBSD...
2007-11-08 Roy MarplesNo point in having subdirs for this
2007-11-08 Roy MarplesInitial commit from resolvconf-gentoo-1.4