2009-12-04 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.3.4
2009-12-04 Roy MarplesFix a restart issue.
2009-12-04 Roy MarplesAllow only one configuration file to be configured.
2009-12-04 Roy MarplesSIGHUP can restart unbound nicely. If that fails, resta...
2009-12-03 Roy MarplesAllow expansion of private_interfaces
2009-12-03 Roy MarplesExport 'resolvconf -v' variables for executeble subscri...
2009-12-03 Roy MarplesInstall subscribers without the execute bit.
2009-11-21 Roy MarplesFix distfile openresolv-3.3.3
2009-11-21 Roy MarplesRelease 3.3.3
2009-11-20 Roy MarplesImprove subscriber documentation.
2009-11-20 Roy MarplesIgnore unbound
2009-11-20 Roy MarplesUse resolv.conf.head and tail files if present.
2009-11-20 Roy MarplesAdd import target
2009-11-20 Roy MarplesAdd a README
2009-11-15 Roy MarplesDocument that resolvconf.conf is a shell script.
2009-11-15 Roy MarplesAdd support for the unbound nameserver -
2009-11-12 Roy MarplesDocument what the subscriber files are used for.
2009-11-12 Roy MarplesAllow state_dir to override the compiled VARDIR variable.
2009-10-25 Roy MarplesDocument resolv_conf_options.
2009-05-01 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.3.2 openresolv-3.3.2
2009-05-01 Roy MarplesWe need to ensure the service exists for rc-sevice...
2009-05-01 Roy MarplesAdd (c) to Copyright
2009-04-30 Roy MarplesDon't package the .gitignore file openresolv-3.3.1
2009-04-30 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.3.1
2009-04-30 Roy MarplesFix dnsmasq finding the right pidfile.
2009-04-30 Roy MarplesGo back to using git
2009-04-22 Roy MarplesDon't install the pdns_recursor by default.
2009-04-22 Roy MarplesDefault PREFIX to nothing as we expect to be installed... openresolv-3.3
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesWe need to eval the restart command
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesStyle
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesUse printf to get exact escaping for sed.
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesRemove x bit
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesRemove resolvconf -s support.
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesSave on a fork when restarting services.
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesAllow service to be called from subscribers
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesAvoid forking needlessly.
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesOnly call resolvconf -v when our subcribers don't have...
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesRemove surperfluous {}
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesAdd a subcriber for the PowerDNS Recursor
2009-04-20 Roy MarplesRelease 3.2
2009-03-26 Roy MarplesImprove build system a little. openresolv-3.2
2009-03-26 Roy MarplesWe should ignore as well.
2009-03-26 Roy Marplesresolv_conf_passthrough makes the latest interface...
2009-03-26 Roy MarplesIgnore invalid nameservers.
2009-03-19 Roy MarplesAdd private_interfaces configuration option for the...
2009-03-19 Roy MarplesRelease 3.1.1
2009-03-19 Roy MarplesSimpifly logic and fix a typo. openresolv-3.1.1
2009-03-18 Roy MarplesRelease 3.1
2009-03-18 Roy MarplesWe should use lower case for normal variables. openresolv-3.1
2009-03-18 Roy MarplesWe need to process dynamic interfaces without metrics...
2009-03-16 Roy MarplesAdd new config file and man page. openresolv-3.0
2009-03-16 Roy MarplesMove the configuration to /etc/resolvconf.conf from...
2009-03-15 Roy MarplesNo need for PREFIX
2009-03-15 Roy MarplesRemove
2009-03-15 Roy MarplesAlways add the generated by comment to resolv.conf...
2009-03-14 Roy MarplesMove subscribers to libexec as they really don't belong...
2009-03-12 Roy Marplesmandoc mandates the presence of .Os openresolv-2.1
2009-02-07 Roy MarplesRelease 2.0.1
2009-02-07 Roy MarplesFix metric, thanks to ikelos.
2009-01-13 Roy MarplesRemove comments that no longer apply. openresolv-2.0.1
2009-01-13 Roy MarplesUse Aq macro
2008-11-05 Roy MarplesWe should use %u instead of %d.
2008-10-07 Roy MarplesUpdate bug page.
2008-10-03 Roy MarplesWhen an interface is marked private, we just discard... openresolv-2.0
2008-10-01 Roy MarplesRemove exe props.
2008-10-01 Roy Marplesopenresolv no longer applies any semantics to resolv...
2008-09-24 Roy MarplesPunt .svn instead of .git for make dist.
2008-09-24 Roy MarplesPunt old files and ignore built files. openresolv-1.9
2008-09-17 Roy MarplesDocument setting /etc/resolv.conf to list the local...
2008-09-17 Roy MarplesRelease 1.9
2008-09-17 Roy MarplesDocument IF_METRIC.
2008-09-16 Roy Marplesmetrics dir may not exist.
2008-09-10 Roy MarplesJust warn about illegal options.
2008-09-10 Roy MarplesAllow interface metric to be specified.
2008-08-29 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-1.7.1
2008-08-29 Roy MarplesFix bind with >1 zone, #109
2008-08-24 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-1.7
2008-08-24 Roy MarplesStrip new lines when echoing resolv.conf files per...
2008-08-24 Roy MarplesText.
2008-08-23 Roy MarplesEnsure we have a newline.
2008-08-22 Roy MarplesDon't update the helpers if the resolv.conf added match...
2008-08-20 Roy Marplesopenresolv-1.6
2008-08-20 Roy Marplessed is not always available, so stop using it.
2008-08-20 Roy MarplesStyle
2008-08-20 Roy MarplesDon't state the man page section in the header.
2008-08-19 Roy Marplessed is not always available in /bin, so stop using...
2008-04-07 Roy MarplesRelease 1.5.1
2008-04-07 Roy MarplesCorrect pid path.
2008-03-07 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-1.5
2008-03-07 Roy MarplesMan page updates.
2008-03-07 Roy Marpleswhitespace
2008-03-06 Roy MarplesInstall the head file.
2008-03-06 Roy MarplesMove the generated by comment to the head file so the...
2008-03-06 Roy MarplesEnsure newlines appear.
2008-03-06 Roy MarplesFix dnsmasq dbus suppport for NetBSD.
2008-03-05 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-1.4
2008-03-05 Roy MarplesRejig our Makefile to better support NetBSD. We now...
2008-02-12 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-1.3
2008-02-12 Roy MarplesAll vars should be upper case and descriptive.
2008-02-11 Roy MarplesUse POSIX getopts shell builtin to make life easier...