2022-02-24 Roy MarplesUse command -v rather than type master
2021-11-20 a1346054Minor cleanup (#5)
2021-11-20 Issam Maghniresolvconf: Detect dinit (#4)
2020-12-27 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.12.0 openresolv-3.12.0
2020-12-27 Roy MarplesHarden the locking mechanism
2020-12-23 Roy MarplesFix prior so its called deprecated internally to match...
2020-12-23 Roy MarplesAllow interfaces to be Deprecated
2020-12-23 Roy MarplesWhitespace and style
2020-12-23 Roy Marplesmkdir -p is just like install -d
2020-10-01 Roy Marplesbump date for prior
2020-10-01 Michaël Defferrardfix typo in manpage (#1)
2020-07-22 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.11.0 openresolv-3.11.0
2020-07-22 Roy MarplesDocument mdnsd and avahi
2020-07-22 Roy MarplesAdd support to notify avahi-daemon and mdnsd of resolv...
2020-01-27 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.10.0 openresolv-3.10.0
2020-01-14 Roy MarplesDon't use allow/deny configuration when listing known...
2020-01-14 Roy MarplesAdd allow_interfaces and deny_interfaces configuration...
2020-01-14 Roy MarplesWelcome to 2020!
2020-01-13 nl6720Add WireGuard interfaces to dynamic_order
2019-09-19 Roy Marplespds_recursor is in section 1.....
2019-09-08 Roy Marplesconfigure: DragonFly has the same flaw as FreeBSD openresolv-3.9.2
2019-09-08 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.9.2
2019-09-08 Roy Marplesman: spelling
2019-09-08 Roy Marples2019
2019-09-08 Roy Marplesman: Use .Bd rather than .D1
2019-09-08 Sascha Wildnerman: Fix a mandoc warning
2019-09-08 Roy Marplesbuild: Add import-src target
2019-09-08 Roy Marplesresolvconf.conf(5): Document pdns_recursor
2019-09-08 Roy MarplesIgnore pdns_recursor
2019-09-08 Roy MarplesIgnore pdns_recursor
2019-09-08 Roy Marplespdns_recursor: Fix global forwarders
2019-09-08 Roy MarplesCorrect issue with dragonfly libexecdir
2019-09-08 Roy Marplesconfigure: dragonfly oddly defaults to /usr/libexec
2019-09-08 Roy Marples2019
2019-09-07 Daniel Letkiewiczdnsmasq: Clear cache when DBus is used
2019-07-17 Roy MarplesFix import target
2019-07-17 Roy MarplesFix making distinfo openresolv-3.9.1
2019-07-17 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.9.1
2019-07-17 Roy MarplesBelated welcome to 2019
2019-07-17 Roy MarplesAdd a newline at the end of the default config.
2019-07-17 Roy MarplesDon't embed variables in formatting string.
2019-07-09 Roy MarplesRemove pointless {} from prior.
2019-07-09 Roy Marplesresolvconf: Strip inline comments before processing
2019-07-07 Einar Jon GunnarssonFix original resolvconf configuration layout
2018-11-13 Scott BarkerInterfaces have an implicit metric of 0.
2018-11-13 Roy Marplesshell [ ] only supports 4 parameters
2018-01-20 Roy MarplesPOSIX shell does not require the local builtin
2018-01-20 Roy MarplesRemove .arcconfig, I've abandoned Phabricator.
2017-03-24 Roy MarplesAdd LICENSE.
2017-03-24 Roy MarplesAdd an .arcconfig file to hook arcanist with phabricator.
2017-03-14 Roy MarplesTrailing dot
2017-03-14 Roy MarplesImprove for 80 chars
2017-03-14 Roy MarplesAdd more blurb.
2017-03-14 Roy MarplesAdd .gitignore.
2017-03-14 Roy MarplesSprinkle some markdown.
2016-12-29 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.9.0 openresolv-3.9.0
2016-12-29 Roy MarplesAdd the inclusive_interfaces option to resolvoconf...
2016-11-29 Roy MarplesFix runit support, [b04ffa58a4].
2016-11-29 Roy MarplesAllow public_interfaces config variable to override...
2016-11-05 Roy MarplesRemove distinfo files before making them and keep disti...
2016-11-04 Roy MarplesAdd the distinfo target, from dhcpcd.
2016-09-13 Roy MarplesAppend a newline when restoring resolv.conf.
2016-08-01 Roy Marplespdns_recursor needs the same restart command treatment.
2016-07-08 Roy MarplesAdd the --version command and document it.
2016-05-19 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.8.1 openresolv-3.8.1
2016-05-19 Roy MarplesDrop needless ;
2016-05-19 Roy MarplesRevert prior.
2016-05-19 Roy MarplesFix private_interfaces globbing
2016-05-13 Roy MarplesFix systemd control, [f18f46ab5a].
2016-05-07 Roy MarplesSpelling corrections, thanks to Pedro.
2016-04-28 Roy MarplesMan page updates from Thomas Klausner.
2016-03-12 Roy MarplesFor FreeBSD, the status argument needs to be onestatus. openresolv-3.8.0
2016-03-11 Roy MarplesMove the version from Makefile to
2016-02-26 Roy MarplesRemove debug
2016-02-25 Roy MarplesNote that named does not work with openresolv for SIGHUP.
2016-02-25 Roy MarplesRevert [606cfc2003] as the parsing code relies on the...
2016-02-25 Roy MarplesSplit each domain again after striping any trailing...
2016-02-24 Roy MarplesUpdate copyrights
2016-02-24 Roy MarplesNote why we may need to restart dnsmasq.
2016-02-24 Roy MarplesNote why we restart a service
2016-02-24 Roy MarplesDon't echo a trailing newline when listing resolv.conf...
2016-02-24 Roy MarplesFix restarting services on OpenBSD.
2016-02-23 Roy MarplesOnly pass RESTARTCMD and RCDIR from configure and not...
2016-02-23 Roy MarplesImprove wording.
2016-02-23 Roy MarplesMove init system detection from configure to resolvconf.
2016-02-23 Roy Marplessystemctl (part of systemd) is noisy and returns non...
2016-02-22 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.7.3 openresolv-3.7.3
2016-02-21 Roy MarplesImprove the wording for quoting variables and point...
2016-02-20 Roy MarplesStrip trailing dot from search and domain names, fixes...
2016-01-22 Roy MarplesSave the initial working directory and change to it...
2015-10-29 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.7.2 openresolv-3.7.2
2015-10-29 Roy MarplesRemove TMPDIR as it's now unused and seems to cause...
2015-09-29 Roy MarplesRelease openresolv-3.7.1 openresolv-3.7.1
2015-09-26 Roy MarplesClarify that private_interfaces="*" will not forward...
2015-09-26 Roy Marplesdomain-insecure should appear in a server clause.
2015-05-19 Roy MarplesChange from bzip2 to xz for builiding the source tarball.
2015-05-14 Roy MarplesBump date for prior.
2015-05-14 Roy MarplesTypo's, thanks to Herbert Parentes Fortes Neto <hpfn...
2015-05-01 Roy MarplesFix year
2015-05-01 Roy MarplesFix import