Allow interfaces to be Deprecated
[openresolv] /
2020-01-14 Roy MarplesWelcome to 2020!
2018-11-13 Roy Marplesshell [ ] only supports 4 parameters
2016-02-24 Roy MarplesUpdate copyrights
2016-02-23 Roy MarplesMove init system detection from configure to resolvconf.
2015-09-26 Roy Marplesdomain-insecure should appear in a server clause.
2014-10-16 Roy MarplesUpdate copyright
2014-10-16 Roy MarplesUse yes rather than random text.
2014-10-16 Roy Marplesunbound_insecure can disable DNSSEC for all domains...
2013-06-04 Roy MarplesAllows putting resolvconf into /usr/bin.
2011-07-24 Roy MarplesTry to ensure that the directories our config files...
2011-06-13 Roy MarplesUse printf %s so user send data cannot do any formatting.
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesAllow service names to be configured.
2009-12-04 Roy MarplesSIGHUP can restart unbound nicely. If that fails, resta...
2009-11-15 Roy MarplesAdd support for the unbound nameserver -