Allow interfaces to be Deprecated
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2020-12-23 Roy MarplesAllow interfaces to be Deprecated
2020-01-14 Roy MarplesWelcome to 2020!
2016-11-29 Roy MarplesAllow public_interfaces config variable to override...
2016-07-08 Roy MarplesAdd the --version command and document it.
2016-05-07 Roy MarplesSpelling corrections, thanks to Pedro.
2016-04-28 Roy MarplesMan page updates from Thomas Klausner.
2016-02-23 Roy MarplesMove init system detection from configure to resolvconf.
2015-05-01 Roy MarplesFix year
2015-04-27 Roy Marples-x marks the resolv.conf as exclusive.
2015-03-10 Roy MarplesRecommend the use of a .protocol tag agasint the interf...
2014-10-28 Roy MarplesSpelling
2014-10-25 Roy MarplesDate it
2014-10-25 Roy MarplesBackup resolv.conf if it doesn't have our signature.
2014-10-20 Roy Marples-V is the same as -v but only echo's information set...
2014-10-19 Roy MarplesAllow the disabling of resolvconf or optionally an...
2014-04-17 Roy Marples[d6cddf7bc4] Correct grammar.
2013-07-23 Roy MarplesUse Mt for email address.
2012-03-19 Roy MarplesAdd .Lk macro to URLs
2011-05-13 Roy MarplesRemove extra BUGS section.
2009-12-03 Roy MarplesInstall subscribers without the execute bit.
2009-11-12 Roy MarplesAllow state_dir to override the compiled VARDIR variable.
2009-05-01 Roy MarplesAdd (c) to Copyright
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesRemove resolvconf -s support.
2009-03-26 Roy MarplesImprove build system a little. openresolv-3.2
2009-03-18 Roy MarplesWe need to process dynamic interfaces without metrics...
2009-03-16 Roy MarplesMove the configuration to /etc/resolvconf.conf from...
2009-03-15 Roy MarplesRemove
2009-03-14 Roy MarplesMove subscribers to libexec as they really don't belong...
2009-03-12 Roy Marplesmandoc mandates the presence of .Os openresolv-2.1
2009-01-13 Roy MarplesUse Aq macro
2008-10-07 Roy MarplesUpdate bug page.
2008-10-03 Roy MarplesWhen an interface is marked private, we just discard... openresolv-2.0
2008-10-01 Roy Marplesopenresolv no longer applies any semantics to resolv...
2008-09-17 Roy MarplesDocument setting /etc/resolv.conf to list the local...
2008-09-17 Roy MarplesDocument IF_METRIC.
2008-09-10 Roy MarplesAllow interface metric to be specified.
2008-08-22 Roy MarplesDon't update the helpers if the resolv.conf added match...
2008-08-20 Roy MarplesStyle
2008-03-07 Roy MarplesMan page updates.
2008-03-05 Roy MarplesRejig our Makefile to better support NetBSD. We now...
2008-02-11 Roy MarplesUse POSIX getopts shell builtin to make life easier...
2008-02-09 Roy MarplesTypo
2008-02-09 Roy Marplesman page fixes
2008-02-09 Roy MarplesRe-write the man page in mdoc format and clear a few...
2007-12-10 Roy MarplesFix manpage typo
2007-12-10 Roy Marplesexample resolv.conf files don't have # prefixing non...
2007-12-10 Roy MarplesFix man page a little and remove remaining Gentoo refer...
2007-11-16 Roy Marplesextra man section
2007-11-16 Roy MarplesFix typo