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2020-01-14 Roy MarplesWelcome to 2020!
2019-09-08 Roy Marples2019
2019-09-07 Daniel Letkiewiczdnsmasq: Clear cache when DBus is used
2018-11-13 Roy Marplesshell [ ] only supports 4 parameters
2016-02-24 Roy MarplesNote why we may need to restart dnsmasq.
2016-02-23 Roy MarplesMove init system detection from configure to resolvconf.
2014-05-05 Roy MarplesDon't moan if dnsmasq has not written a pidfile.
2013-06-04 Roy MarplesAllows putting resolvconf into /usr/bin.
2012-12-07 Roy MarplesStop quering the dnsmasq pidfile, compile options and...
2012-12-07 Roy MarplesOur test for SetDomainServers being in dnsmasq relies...
2012-12-02 Roy MarplesSupport SetDomainServers DBus method for dnsmasq so...
2012-11-07 Roy MarplesSend dnsmasq IPv6 addresses constructed like A:B::C
2012-06-11 Roy MarplesIf we receive multiple dns servers against a domain,
2012-03-30 Roy MarplesDon't restart dnsmasq needlessly.
2012-03-26 Roy MarplesFix IPv6 parsing when a domain has an IPv4 address...
2012-01-30 Roy MarplesCopyright
2012-01-30 Roy MarplesSend IPv6 domain servers to dnsmasq via dbus.
2011-12-15 Roy Marplesdnsmasq does not support setting IPv6 domain forwarders...
2011-07-24 Roy MarplesTry to ensure that the directories our config files...
2011-06-13 Roy MarplesUse printf %s so user send data cannot do any formatting.
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesAllow service names to be configured.
2010-06-10 Roy MarplesSupport dbus on dnsmasq on Debian.
2009-12-04 Roy MarplesFix a restart issue.
2009-12-04 Roy MarplesAllow only one configuration file to be configured.
2009-05-01 Roy MarplesAdd (c) to Copyright
2009-04-30 Roy MarplesFix dnsmasq finding the right pidfile.
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesWe need to eval the restart command
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesRemove resolvconf -s support.
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesSave on a fork when restarting services.
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesOnly call resolvconf -v when our subcribers don't have...
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesRemove surperfluous {}
2009-03-19 Roy MarplesSimpifly logic and fix a typo. openresolv-3.1.1
2009-03-18 Roy MarplesWe should use lower case for normal variables. openresolv-3.1
2009-03-16 Roy MarplesMove the configuration to /etc/resolvconf.conf from...
2009-01-13 Roy MarplesRemove comments that no longer apply. openresolv-2.0.1
2008-11-05 Roy MarplesWe should use %u instead of %d.
2008-10-01 Roy MarplesRemove exe props.
2008-10-01 Roy Marplesopenresolv no longer applies any semantics to resolv...
2008-03-06 Roy MarplesFix dnsmasq dbus suppport for NetBSD.
2008-03-05 Roy MarplesRejig our Makefile to better support NetBSD. We now...
2008-02-08 Roy MarplesRemove vim comments and fix formatting a little.
2008-01-31 Roy Marpleskill 2>/dev/null as we just interested in if we can...
2007-12-30 Roy MarplesDon't set PREFIX or DESTDIR to blank so we work as...
2007-12-10 Roy MarplesFix man page a little and remove remaining Gentoo refer...
2007-11-29 Roy Marplesdbus pidfile location varies a little
2007-11-28 Roy Marpleswhitespace
2007-11-16 Roy MarplesFix typo