Document pdnsd_conf option.
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2010-10-29 Roy MarplesDocument pdnsd_conf option.
2010-10-29 Roy MarplesWhitespace
2010-10-29 Roy MarplesAllow pdnsd to add forward domains to it's configuratio...
2010-10-28 Roy MarplesAdd support for pdnsd.
2010-07-04 Roy MarplesWe should not abuse Ta.
2009-12-04 Roy Marplesname_servers is stripped of local host and then passed...
2009-11-20 Roy MarplesImprove subscriber documentation.
2009-11-15 Roy MarplesDocument that resolvconf.conf is a shell script.
2009-11-15 Roy MarplesAdd support for the unbound nameserver -
2009-11-12 Roy MarplesDocument what the subscriber files are used for.
2009-11-12 Roy MarplesAllow state_dir to override the compiled VARDIR variable.
2009-10-25 Roy MarplesDocument resolv_conf_options.
2009-05-01 Roy MarplesAdd (c) to Copyright
2009-04-22 Roy MarplesDon't install the pdns_recursor by default.
2009-04-21 Roy MarplesAdd a subcriber for the PowerDNS Recursor
2009-03-26 Roy Marplesresolv_conf_passthrough makes the latest interface...
2009-03-19 Roy MarplesAdd private_interfaces configuration option for the...
2009-03-18 Roy MarplesWe need to process dynamic interfaces without metrics...
2009-03-16 Roy MarplesAdd new config file and man page. openresolv-3.0