Support gmake-3 and gmake-4
[openresolv] /
2013-07-12 Roy Marplesname_servers[_append] and search_domains[_append] now...
2013-06-04 Roy MarplesAllows putting resolvconf into /usr/bin.
2012-03-27 Roy MarplesFix resolv_conf_local_only.
2012-02-22 Roy MarplesAdd resolv_conf_local_only which defaults to true.
2011-08-12 Roy MarplesAdd domain, if available, to resolv.conf.
2011-08-11 Roy MarplesUse read -r so that we ignore any backslash.
2011-08-11 Roy MarplesInstead of extracting options and sortlist we now just...
2011-08-10 Roy MarplesRespect the sortlist resolv.conf option
2011-06-13 Roy MarplesUse printf %s
2011-06-13 Roy MarplesUse printf %s so user send data cannot do any formatting.
2011-06-01 Roy MarplesImprove shell portability
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesAllow service names to be configured.
2010-10-30 Roy MarplesIf local name servers are configured by resolvconf...
2010-10-29 Roy MarplesAllow search domains and name servers to be appended.