Import newest os detection from dhcpcd
[openresolv] / configure
2014-04-30 Roy MarplesImport newest os detection from dhcpcd openresolv-3.5.7
2013-01-04 Roy MarplesDetect and work with systemd.
2012-04-21 Roy MarplesEmulate autoconf a bit more
2012-04-01 Roy MarplesPrefer /run and /libexec if found, otherwise fallback...
2011-08-10 Roy MarplesMatch the --libexecdir behaviour of dhcpcd
2011-06-01 Roy MarplesImprove shell portability
2010-12-23 Roy MarplesFix rc-service call by passing -Ds to the service and...
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesAdd a kuldge so named can work out of the box on Debian
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesFix invoke-rc.d a little.
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesFix for Makefile syntax.
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesWorkaround a bug in the dash shell
2010-11-04 Roy MarplesUse a configure command instead of working things out...