Fix making distinfo
[openresolv] /
2018-11-13 Roy Marplesshell [ ] only supports 4 parameters
2018-01-20 Roy MarplesPOSIX shell does not require the local builtin
2013-06-04 Roy MarplesAllows putting resolvconf into /usr/bin.
2013-06-03 Roy MarplesFix newline generation, #26
2011-08-11 Roy MarplesUse read -r so that we ignore any backslash.
2011-07-25 Roy MarplesDon't write pdnsd.conf if it doesn't exist or it's...
2011-07-24 Roy MarplesTry to ensure that the directories our config files...
2011-06-13 Roy MarplesFix pdnsd for printf(1)
2011-06-13 Roy MarplesUse printf %s so user send data cannot do any formatting.
2010-10-30 Roy MarplesFix for no entries.
2010-10-29 Roy MarplesAllow pdnsd_conf to work without pdnsd_resolv.
2010-10-29 Roy MarplesAllow pdnsd to add forward domains to it's configuratio...
2010-10-28 Roy MarplesAdd support for pdnsd.