2020-10-05 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-9.3.0 dhcpcd-9.3.0
2020-10-04 Roy Marplesprivsep: Remove capsicum specific hooks from BPF
2020-10-03 Roy MarplesDon't log backticks.
2020-10-03 Roy Marplesprivsep: We need getsockopt as well as setsockopt on...
2020-10-02 Roy Marplesprivsep: allow CAP_SETSOCKOPT for route(4) fd.
2020-09-30 Roy Marplesprivsep: We now need to carry ifa_data for BSD
2020-09-30 Roy MarplesBSD: Fix compile for non NetBSD
2020-09-29 Roy MarplesAdd a comment to prior incase I do something dumb like...
2020-09-29 SAITOH MasanobuFix a typo in a comment
2020-09-28 Roy Marplesprivsep: fix crash when interface departs before bpf...
2020-09-28 Roy MarplesBSD: struct if_data->ifi_link_state is the single sourc...
2020-09-27 Roy MarplesBSD: Ignore vether(4) devices by default.
2020-09-24 Sascha WildnerClean up some warnings.
2020-09-24 Roy MarplesFreeBSD: Anticipate SIOCGIFDATA not working in Capsicum
2020-09-24 Roy MarplesBSD: NetBSD is the odd man out with SIOCGIFDATA
2020-09-23 Roy Marplesif: Always warn about ignored interfaces.
2020-09-23 Roy MarplesBSD: Of course DragonFly does SIOCGIFDATA differently..
2020-09-23 Roy MarplesAdd a warning about prior
2020-09-23 Roy MarplesRevert double variable define
2020-09-23 Roy MarplesFreeBSD lacks SIOCGIFDATA it seems.
2020-09-22 Roy MarplesBSD: Use SIOCGIFDATA if no media support and no ifa_data
2020-09-22 Roy MarplesBSD: Detect initial link state in ifa_data
2020-09-22 Roy Marplesdhcpcd: log carrier lost once more
2020-09-21 Roy MarplesTry and track link state better, regardless of if we...
2020-09-21 Roy Marplesprivsep: Don't log sandbox type twice
2020-09-21 Roy Marplesprivsep: Allow __NR_mmap for seccomp
2020-09-20 Roy Marplesprivsep: Don't remove pidfile at exit
2020-09-20 Roy Marplesprivsep: Add more platforms for seccomp
2020-09-20 Roy Marplesprivsep: Allow more syscalls for seccomp
2020-09-20 Roy Marplesprivsep: Send signal from launcher to master over the...
2020-09-20 Roy Marplesprivsep: sandbox the launcher process
2020-09-20 Roy MarplesFreeBSD: Fix build
2020-09-19 Roy Marplesprivsep: Avoid "unconfined" seccomp warnings
2020-09-19 Roy Marplesprivsep: Don't be noisy about the sandbox
2020-09-19 Roy Marplesprivsep: Log if the platform sandbox is unavailable...
2020-09-19 Roy Marplesprivsep: Add the SECCOMP BPF sandbox for Linux
2020-09-19 Roy MarplesLinux: Use SIOCSIFVLAN rather than SIOCSIFVLAN
2020-09-19 Roy Marplesprivsep: Fold capsicum and pledge entry points into...
2020-09-19 Roy MarplesAdjust prior so that message is logged before starting dev
2020-09-19 Roy MarplesLinux: detect network namespace and deny udev in one
2020-09-16 Roy Marplesduid: Allow optional argument to specify ll or llt...
2020-09-15 Roy Marplesinstall: Create DBDIR with mode 0750 by default
2020-09-12 Roy Marplesdhcpcd: Only manipulate stdin, stdout and stderr when...
2020-09-12 Roy Marpleslogerr: Don't leak the logfile stream to scripts
2020-09-11 Roy MarplesREADME: Remove old reference to db dir needing user...
2020-09-11 Roy Marplesdhcpcd: avoid privsep errors if we error locking the...
2020-09-06 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-9.2.0 dhcpcd-9.2.0
2020-09-06 Roy MarplesDHCP: Fix compile without IPv4LL
2020-09-06 Roy Marplesconfigure: Remove PPOLL from config.mk
2020-09-06 Roy Marplesprivsep: dump leases in a sandbox
2020-09-06 Roy Marplesdhcpcd: stderr callback fd may the reset by peer
2020-09-06 Roy Marplesprivsep: Dump leases from stdin in a limited sandbox
2020-09-06 Roy Marplesprivsep: dropprivs can be static
2020-09-06 Roy Marplesprivsep: limit rights for stdout/stderr/stdin using...
2020-09-06 Roy MarplesFreeBSD: Don't rights limit stderr
2020-09-06 Roy Marplesdhcpcd: Redirect stdout/stderr to the launcher stderr...
2020-09-05 Roy Marplesprivsep: Fix prior for FreeBSD.
2020-09-05 Roy Marplesdhcpcd: Setup a socketpair in the launcher to write...
2020-09-05 Roy Marpleslogerr: Ensure that the fd err log is line buffered
2020-09-05 Roy Marplesprivsep: Use xsocketpair
2020-09-05 Roy Marplesif: introduce xsocketpair, similar to xsocket
2020-09-02 Roy MarplesDHCP: allow leasetime -1 to represent infinity
2020-09-01 Roy MarplesDHCP: optimize prior for systems without IPv4 address...
2020-09-01 Roy MarplesDHCP: Adjust prior to be more generic
2020-09-01 Roy MarplesDHCP: Don't set address lifetimes when extending leases
2020-08-31 Roy Marplesdhcpcd: Rename function for prior now it no longer...
2020-08-31 Roy Marplesdhcpcd: Adjust prior to ensure options exist for active...
2020-08-30 Roy MarplesDHCP: reason is BOUND when recovering from an expired...
2020-08-30 Roy MarplesDHCP: When extending the lease, re-enter the DISCOVER...
2020-08-30 Roy Marplesdhcpcd: init new interfaces from route(4) overflow
2020-08-30 Roy MarplesDHCP: Request offered IP when using lastlease
2020-08-20 Roy Marplesprivsep: Only the master process accepts signals
2020-08-20 Roy MarplesDHCP: Mark the state as expired on lase lease extension
2020-08-16 Roy MarplesUse a minimum bufsize of 1 as 0 doesn't work on some OS.
2020-08-16 Roy Marplesprivsep: Set a zero length receive buffer for write...
2020-08-08 Roy Marplesprivsep: Improve some errors
2020-08-08 Roy Marplesdhcpcd: Fix logging we forked at exit.
2020-08-04 Roy MarplesRevert "Don't install /var/db/dhcpcd in the Makefile"
2020-08-03 Roy MarplesRevert "privsep: shutdown read end of the write only...
2020-08-03 Roy Marplesdhcpcd: If using -4 or -6, check we have support for it
2020-08-03 Roy Marplesinet6: Linux will convert NULL to all, so don't specify all
2020-08-03 Roy MarplesLinux: fix reading the ipv6 forwarding proc entry
2020-08-03 Roy MarplesLinux: IP6 forwaring only applies to "all" interface
2020-08-01 Roy Marplesoptions: Let clientid override a prior duid
2020-08-01 Roy Marplesoptions: open an address socket to detect if inet6...
2020-08-01 Fabrice Fontainesrc/dhcpcd.c: fix build without fork
2020-08-01 Roy Marplesprivsep: Don't read control_group in privsep
2020-07-18 Roy Marplesprivsep: shutdown read end of the write only sockets
2020-07-08 Roy MarplesFix prior
2020-07-08 Roy Marplesroute: Ensure IPv4LL routes always come last in priority
2020-07-04 Roy MarplesFix compile without IPv6 on systems that do not define...
2020-07-03 Roy MarplesMake DBDIR permissions same as the files it creates dhcpcd-9.1.4
2020-07-03 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-9.1.4
2020-07-03 Roy Marplesdhcpcd: Fix creating DBDIR
2020-07-02 Roy MarplesFix SMALL build
2020-07-02 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-9.1.3 dhcpcd-9.1.3
2020-07-02 Roy Marplesmake: clean before import-src
2020-07-01 Roy MarplesDHCP6: Restore lease timings
2020-07-01 Roy MarplesBSD: Setup sysctls before redirecting stderr
2020-07-01 Roy Marplesprivsep: Don't limit file writes if logging to a file