2021-03-18 Roy MarplesFreeBSD: Finish EVFILT_PROCDESC implementation. master
2021-03-17 Roy MarplesFix more new eloop fallout.
2021-03-17 Roy Marplesprivsep: Implement pdfork(2) for capsicum(4)
2021-03-17 Roy Marplesprivsep: Fix FreeBSD for prior
2021-03-17 Roy Marplesprivsep: Fix Linux support for prior
2021-03-17 Roy Marplesprivsep: Remove debug from prior
2021-03-17 Roy Marplesprivsep: Implement some process management
2021-03-17 Roy Marplesprivsep: Don't close control proxy on hangup
2021-03-10 Roy Marplescontrol: Fix working with new eloop
2021-03-08 Fabrice Fontainesrc/privsep-linux.c: add support for m68k (#29)
2021-03-08 Roy MarplesREADME.md: remove dead reference to phabricator
2021-02-20 Roy Marplescontrol: Cannot write with hangup
2021-02-16 Roy Marpleseloop: delete events from kqueue/epoll directly
2021-02-16 Roy Marpleslog a diagnostic here
2021-02-09 Roy Marplescontrol: Don't log error deleting fds from eloop.
2021-02-09 Roy MarplesBSD: Find the correct interface for tunneled routes
2021-02-08 Roy Marplescontrol: GC control deletion
2021-02-08 Fabrice Fontainesrc/privsep-linux.c: add support for arc (#28)
2021-02-07 Fabrice Fontainesrc/privsep-linux.c: add support for or1k (#27)
2021-02-05 Roy MarplesForce TOP as we know which directory we are in.
2021-02-05 Roy Marplescontrol fd can be both read and write.
2021-02-05 Fabrice Fontainesrc/privsep-linux: fix build on sparc (#26)
2021-02-05 Fabrice Fontainesrc/privsep-linux.c: add support for sh (#25)
2021-02-03 Roy MarplesFix tests
2021-02-02 Roy MarplesRename Privileged Actioneer to Privileged Proxy
2021-02-02 Roy MarplesRename Master to Manager
2021-02-02 Roy MarplesFix prior for epoll.
2021-02-02 Roy Marpleseloop: Make the API more like native poll/kqueue/epoll
2021-01-31 Roy MarplesAdd __NR_pselect6_time64 to priory
2021-01-31 Roy MarplesLinux: allow pselect(2) to work in SECCOMP
2021-01-31 Fabrice Fontaine src/privsep-linux.c: add support for microblaze (#24)
2021-01-31 Roy MarplesA belated welcome to 2021
2021-01-31 Fabrice Fontaine src/privsep-linux.c: add support for nios2 (#23)
2021-01-31 Roy MarplesTypo with prior
2021-01-31 Roy MarplesLinux: Add support for NDS32BE SECCOMP
2021-01-31 Fabrice Fontaine src/privsep-linux.c: add support for xtensa (#22)
2021-01-30 Roy Marplesimport-src: Improve target so we don't create empty...
2021-01-30 Roy Marplesimport-src: adjust build target so all .in files are...
2021-01-30 Fabrice Fontainesrc/privsep-linux.c: add support for nds32 (#21)
2021-01-30 Roy Marpleseloop: optimise the pselect code so it's not a wrapper...
2021-01-30 Roy Marpleseloop: Default to using ppoll(2) again.
2021-01-29 Roy Marpleseloop: Fix logic error with epoll reading test
2021-01-29 Roy Marpleseloop: Always free the pollfd buffer when clearing...
2021-01-29 Roy Marpleseloop: fix a memory leak when clearing events
2021-01-29 Roy MarplesWhitespace
2021-01-28 Roy Marpleseloop: fixup a compile warning
2021-01-28 Roy MarplesBSD: Plug a memory leak
2021-01-28 Roy MarplesLinux: Implement epoll(7) for eloop (again)
2021-01-28 Roy Marplescontrol: Don't log the write db didn't exist when freei...
2021-01-28 Roy Marplesprivsep: Restore the poll maxfd + 1 for state engine
2021-01-28 Roy MarplesDragonFly: cast away more kqueue compile warnings
2021-01-28 Roy MarplesFreeBSD: cast away some kqueue warnings
2021-01-28 Roy Marplesprivsep: Don't add 1 to max fd open when limiting resources
2021-01-28 Roy MarplesOpenBSD: Fix kqueue detection and one error.
2021-01-28 Roy MarplesBSD: Implement kqueue(2) for eloop (again)
2021-01-27 Roy Marplesprivsep: move setting signals to after clearing eloop
2021-01-27 Roy MarplesWhitespace
2021-01-27 Roy Marplesprivsep: Ensure BPF listener pid is logged in debug
2021-01-27 Roy Marplescontrol: log an error if we fail to remove the write...
2021-01-27 Roy MarplesWhitespace
2021-01-26 Roy Marplescontrol: unlink privileged socket when shutting down...
2021-01-24 Roy MarplesLinux: fix a memory leak when dhcpcd exits or the log...
2021-01-24 Roy Marpleseloop: Allow eloop to process all fds returned from...
2021-01-18 Roy Marplesscript: Use rt_proto_add to ensure no duplicate interfa...
2020-12-28 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-9.4.0 dhcpcd-9.4.0
2020-12-28 Roy Marplesscript: ignore inactive interfaces for ordering
2020-12-28 Roy MarplesDHCP: Split hardware address randomisation out of anony...
2020-12-27 Roy MarplesDHCP: For anonymous, just use a generic clientid
2020-12-27 Roy Marples20-resolv.conf: Don't call resolvconf -c if we didn...
2020-12-27 Roy MarplesCheck for NetBSD in prior, as we did before
2020-12-27 Roy Marplesdhcpcd: Don't roam when anonymous is set
2020-12-27 Roy MarplesNetBSD: Map IP Persistance to roaming
2020-12-27 Roy MarplesAdjust prior to build routes and run script after abort...
2020-12-27 Roy Marpleshooks: add NOCARRIER_ROAMING reason
2020-12-26 Fabrice Fontainesrc/dhcpcd.c: fix build without fork or signals (#20)
2020-12-26 Roy Marplesprivsep: log sandbox when not daemonising
2020-12-26 Roy Marpleslinux: ARM64 stock kernel does not emit hardware in...
2020-12-12 Roy Marplesprivsep: Fix Linux i386 for SECCOMP as it just uses...
2020-12-12 Roy MarplesDHCP6: Fix a LGTM issue
2020-12-12 Roy Marplesprivsep: Allow getsockopt for SO_RCVBUF on Linux
2020-12-12 Roy Marpleslink: Report errors obtaining recv buffer size on link...
2020-12-12 Roy Marpleslink: Only report hardware address changes for active...
2020-12-12 Roy MarplesLinux: Support wireless IP roaming
2020-12-09 Roy Marplesprivsep: Don't log a BPF error that network is down
2020-12-08 Mikhail EfremovLinux: Fix privsep build by including sys/termios.h...
2020-11-28 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-9.3.4 dhcpcd-9.3.4
2020-11-25 Roy MarplesDHCP6: Abort in test mode when an error is returned...
2020-11-25 Roy MarplesDon't stop control in test
2020-11-25 Roy Marplesoptions: Allow duid to take a value
2020-11-25 Roy Marplesoptions: allow --ia_na=1 and --ia_pd=2 on the command...
2020-11-24 Roy MarplesDHCP: If error adding the address in oneshot, exit...
2020-11-23 Roy MarplesDHCP: Only listen to the address if we successfully...
2020-11-21 Roy MarplesImprove readability.
2020-11-21 Roy MarplesDHCP6: Delegated activations work once more
2020-11-21 Roy MarplesDHCP6: Fix segfault introduced in dhcpcd-9.3.3
2020-11-20 Lars Wendlerdhcpcd.conf(8): add all -> at all
2020-11-20 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-9.3.3 dhcpcd-9.3.3
2020-11-19 Matthew Clarksonprivsep: adjust comment for prior
2020-11-19 Matthew Clarksonprivsep: Allow ioctl TCGETS
2020-11-13 Matthew Clarksonprivsep: Allow fcntl64 and fstat64 to fix ARM32 talking...