BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
dhcpcd-4Add -fno-common to debugging CFLAGS.Roy Marples9 years
dhcpcd-5Fix compile warningsRoy Marples5 years
dhcpcd-5.0Report ClientID being used in debug.Roy Marples9 years
dhcpcd-5.6Change from _unused to __unused to match NetBSD cdefs and avoidRoy Marples6 years
dhcpcd-6Fix build.Roy Marples23 months
dhcpcd-6.11.1-DNA * Enable Detection of Network Attachment (DNA) functionality (opt: dna <no a...Piers O'Hanlon14 months
iaAdd sa_cpy. While here allow NULL in sa_cmp.Roy Marples6 months
masterLinux: Fix compile without IPv4LLRoy Marples21 hours
dhcpcd-7.1.1commit 6eb7283417...Roy Marples2 weeks
dhcpcd-7.1.0commit 1cec7d4a17...Roy Marples4 weeks
dhcpcd-7.0.8commit 51e2aeda11...Roy Marples6 months
dhcpcd-7.0.7commit 0490ffac09...Roy Marples7 months
dhcpcd-7.0.6commit 9fd1cfac44...Roy Marples8 months
dhcpcd-7.0.5bcommit 633152653c...Roy Marples9 months
dhcpcd-7.0.5acommit 6d193844ac...Roy Marples9 months
dhcpcd-7.0.5commit 2ce3b7d3c2...Roy Marples9 months
dhcpcd-7.0.4commit 8a4dd9923a...Roy Marples10 months
dhcpcd-7.0.3commit c80bb16819...Roy Marples11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
21 hoursLinux: Fix compile without IPv4LLHEADmasterRoy Marples
3 daysDHCP: Dont close ARP gratuitouslyRoy Marples
3 daysDHCP: free the ARP state of the address once announcedRoy Marples
3 daysGuard with IP_PKTINFO as well.Roy Marples
3 daysFold all CMSG parsing into a common function.Roy Marples
3 daysDHCP: Close the BPF socket once BOUNDRoy Marples
3 daysBSD: Don't keep PF LINK socket open needlesslyRoy Marples
5 daysRemove the send/recv structures from dhcpcd context and allocateRoy Marples
8 daysFix whitespace introduced by my last patchRoy Marples
8 daysbuild: exit the SUBDIR build loop if an error is detectedKenny Napier