2017-10-21 Roy MarplesStop using iostream, stdio is smaller binary.
2017-10-21 Roy MarplesNote the debug settings needed for Qt-5.
2017-10-20 Roy MarplesUpdate systemd service file.
2017-10-20 Roy MarplesNote that Qt5 now builds also.
2017-10-20 Roy MarplesStock buttons have been deprecated, so roll our own.
2017-10-20 Roy MarplesFix starting in LXQt by starting after it's panel.
2017-10-20 Roy MarplesWhitespace fixes
2017-10-20 Roy MarplesIgnore the .qmake.stash file from Qt5.
2017-10-20 mir3xQt5 update
2017-09-08 Roy MarplesFix prior
2017-09-03 Roy MarplesFix building dhcpcd-qt by default if some binaries...
2017-09-03 Roy Marplesuse getpwuid_r(3) instead of getlogin(3)
2017-03-24 Roy MarplesAdd an .arcconfig file to hook arcanist with phabricator.
2017-03-14 Roy MarplesAdd some markdown loving.
2017-03-14 Roy MarplesAdd some .gitignore files.
2016-11-05 Roy MarplesRemove distinfo files before making them and keep disti...
2016-11-04 Roy MarplesAdd distinfo target from dhcpcd to produce signed disti...
2016-08-12 Roy MarplesFix offline icon if update_online repeatedly called...
2016-08-03 Roy MarplesNote that dhcpcd needs to be in Master mode for these...
2016-07-31 Roy MarplesIf we don't understand the AP security (such as EAP...
2016-02-15 Roy MarplesYay, 2016
2016-02-15 Roy MarplesAdd support for STATIC6
2016-01-22 Roy MarplesSync
2016-01-22 Roy MarplesImport new eloop from dhcpcd.
2015-11-14 Roy MarplesNote that we need to write to dhcpcd.conf as well.
2015-06-29 Roy MarplesAdd the IPv4LL type.
2015-06-09 Roy MarplesAdd our own context to make it easier if we need to...
2015-06-09 Roy MarplesAdd the address waiting state, to match the waitip...
2015-05-29 Roy MarplesStore the wpa socket in a per user directory as well.
2015-05-18 Roy MarplesWEXT is linux only.
2015-05-18 Roy MarplesDon't package the doc dir in the tarball.
2015-05-18 Roy MarplesAdd a screenshot of dhcpcd-gtk showing a SSID list.
2015-05-18 Roy Marplesuse xz to compress the archive rather than bzip2.
2015-05-15 Roy MarplesFix tmp dir for >1 user
2015-05-14 Roy MarplesImport new eloop.
2015-05-14 Roy MarplesWork with the new dhcpcd ND option parsing code.
2015-05-13 Roy MarplesImport new eloop
2015-05-13 Roy MarplesImport new eloop
2015-05-13 Roy MarplesImport new eloop.
2015-05-12 Roy MarplesNo need to remember the fd anymore
2015-05-12 Roy MarplesWe need to close dhcpcd-wi instances as deleteLater...
2015-05-12 Roy MarplesFix dhcpcd-online for recent libdhcpcd changes
2015-05-12 Roy MarplesImprove WPA interaction by allowing the fd to persist...
2015-05-12 Roy MarplesImport new eloop from dhcpcd
2015-05-12 Roy MarplesRemove prior two patches, libevent was a nice experimen...
2015-05-11 Roy MarplesFix compile on Linux and fix some memory errors.
2015-05-11 Roy MarplesReplace eloop with libevent in dhcpcd-curses.
2015-05-11 Roy MarplesUse constants rather than string comparison for a saner...
2015-05-06 Roy MarplesFix compile.
2015-05-06 Roy MarplesMove dhcpcd-qt lockfile to DHCPCD_TMP_DIR.
2015-05-05 Roy MarplesClose wpa when done with the interface.
2015-05-05 Roy MarplesMove the wpa socket files out of /tmp and into /tmp...
2015-05-05 Roy MarplesRemove debug
2015-05-05 Roy MarplesAdd a singleton class to ensure that dhcpcd-qt runs...
2015-05-05 Roy MarplesInstall desktop files into /etc/xdg/autostart
2015-04-06 Roy MarplesFix for building dhcpcd-qt without notification
2015-04-06 Roy MarplesUpdate the icon to shor the wireless strength correctly...
2015-03-18 Roy MarplesFix compile on Linux.
2015-03-18 Roy MarplesImprove qt diagnostics.
2015-03-18 Roy MarplesAdd common.h
2015-03-15 Roy MarplesUpdate copyrights
2015-03-15 Roy MarplesClean up with new debug flags and gcc.
2015-03-08 Roy MarplesMove background scanning check to libdhcpcd so that...
2015-03-07 Roy MarplesFix issue when we try and poll for fd -1 by deleting...
2015-03-06 Roy MarplesClean up some compile warnings and avoid spamming lost...
2015-03-05 Roy MarplesImprove configure errors
2015-03-05 Roy MarplesFix a segfault if >1 wifi device is present.
2015-03-05 Roy MarplesFix disabled code.
2015-03-05 Roy MarplesDon't rely on the interface being up to background...
2015-03-05 Roy MarplesGlue dhcpcd-curses into configure
2015-03-05 Roy MarplesAdd a basic curses interface. Much more work needed...
2015-03-04 Roy MarplesFix compile on FreeBSD.
2015-02-09 Roy MarplesFix build on FreeBSD, thanks to Guy Yur.
2015-01-07 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.7.5 dhcpcd-ui-0.7.5
2014-12-12 Roy MarplesUpdate status icon to assoicated signal strength on...
2014-12-05 Roy MarplesWarn that the config file is not writeable before you...
2014-12-04 Roy MarplesFix connecting to unsecured AP's.
2014-12-04 Roy MarplesDisplay the PSK entry box near the mouse.
2014-12-04 Roy MarplesTry not to re-position the menu needlessly
2014-12-04 Roy MarplesIf we have a wireless interface, use the signal strengt...
2014-12-04 Roy MarplesFor Linux and FreeBSD enable background scanning of...
2014-12-03 Roy MarplesFix a crash by clearing our reference to the menuwidget...
2014-12-03 Roy MarplesNeed an assert here.
2014-12-03 Roy MarplesOnly update menu items if visible as we force a redraw...
2014-12-02 Roy MarplesFix icon scaling on Qt-4.8
2014-12-02 Roy MarplesBecause QSocketNotifier doesn't seem to notify closed...
2014-12-02 Roy MarplesAdd dhcpcd_wpa_ping to test if wpa_supplicant is alive.
2014-12-02 Roy MarplesAssociated scans are displayed first in a bold font.
2014-12-02 Roy MarplesAs we merge BSSIDs with matching SSIDs into one, we...
2014-12-01 Roy MarplesAllow a blank psk to just select the network.
2014-12-01 Roy MarplesUse dialog-warning on insure networks.
2014-12-01 Roy MarplesOnly show the menu if we have it.
2014-12-01 Roy MarplesSplit new networks on \n as well as \b.
2014-12-01 Roy MarplesRemove debug.
2014-12-01 Roy MarplesDisconnect before re-configuring as this triggers a...
2014-12-01 Roy MarplesWhen connecting to a SSID, reload the configuration...
2014-12-01 Roy Marplesscan flags -> wpa_flags.
2014-11-21 Roy MarplesReserve space for the assoicated icon.
2014-11-21 Roy MarplesRemove dead store.
2014-11-21 Roy MarplesRemove dead store.