2014-07-18 Roy MarplesSkip pseudo interfaces
2014-07-15 Roy MarplesFree last status
2014-07-08 Roy MarplesDon't pull in dbus
2014-07-03 Roy MarplesRe-write libdhcpcd to talk to dhcpcd directly and not...
2014-05-07 Roy MarplesNo need to log extra messages here.
2014-05-07 Roy MarplesFix notifications
2014-05-06 Roy MarplesUpdated this year...
2014-05-06 Roy MarplesMore const
2014-05-06 Roy MarplesSupport the new link type.
2014-05-06 Roy MarplesPrefer gtk-2 over gtk-3 for the time being as some...
2014-05-05 Roy MarplesBring over configure imporvements from dhcpcd.
2012-07-21 Roy MarplesWork with older style as well.
2012-07-18 Roy MarplesWork with the new ra%d_prefix array
2012-07-17 Roy MarplesPort to GTK+-3
2012-04-01 Roy MarplesRemove unused vars
2012-02-06 Roy MarplesAdd clang as a supported compiler. dhcpcd-ui-0.6.0
2012-02-03 Roy MarplesFix sorting a little.
2012-02-02 Roy MarplesWork with a seperate interface for Router Advertisements
2011-06-13 Roy MarplesRelease 0.5.2 dhcpcd-ui-0.5.2
2011-06-13 Roy MarplesFix compile against libnotify-0.7
2010-10-12 Roy MarplesDon't spam the last message if the same.
2010-10-12 Roy MarplesAllow ROUTERADVERT to be an up reason.
2010-07-11 Roy MarplesAdd reference to hicolor-icon-theme
2010-07-11 Roy MarplesFix build for slackware.
2010-07-09 Roy MarplesDescribe how we work with wpa_supplicant better.
2010-07-09 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.5.1
2010-07-09 Roy MarplesAdd a man page for dhcpcd-gtk.
2010-07-09 Roy MarplesDon't warn about empty scan results.
2010-06-09 Roy MarplesBuild as a Debian package.
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.5.0 dhcpcd-ui-0.5.0
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesUpdate copyrights and grab version in configure.
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesInstall autostart entry to gnome folder.
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesFix build system so it works on Gentoo portage easily.
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesFix configured icons and notify.
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesAdd support for a configure script
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesFix lengths for full ip addresses.
2010-05-19 Roy MarplesGive connection to clear, fixing crash.
2009-12-14 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.4.3 dhcpcd-ui-0.4.3
2009-12-03 Roy MarplesDBus booleans seem to stamp on more space than a C99...
2009-09-05 Roy MarplesBuild icons for distribution. dhcpcd-ui-0.4.2
2009-09-05 Roy MarplesFix compile on NetBSD-4
2009-09-05 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.4.1
2009-08-18 Roy MarplesFix segfault if error getting scans.
2009-08-18 Roy MarplesFix segfault if error getting scans.
2009-07-25 Roy MarplesUse calloc instead of malloc + memset.
2009-07-25 Roy MarplesDon't segfault if dbus is not running.
2009-05-15 Roy MarplesIncrease size of the flags a bit.
2009-05-15 Roy MarplesCan't easily test for git, so just use the CFLAGS.
2009-05-04 Roy MarplesUse git
2009-05-04 Roy MarplesIgnore built files
2009-04-28 Roy MarplesFix icon permissions. dhcpcd-ui-0.4.0
2009-04-24 Roy MarplesRemove .depend file before creating it.
2009-04-20 Roy MarplesFix ssid test.
2009-04-20 Roy MarplesRecord a history of scan results so we can use an avera...
2009-04-20 Roy MarplesTargets should depend on the static if it changes.
2009-04-20 Roy MarplesHandle scan results correctly.
2009-04-15 Roy MarplesFix compile on Linux.
2009-04-15 Roy MarplesAdd missing Makefile
2009-04-15 Roy MarplesRemove dbus-glib dependency and create libdhcpcd.
2009-04-02 Roy MarplesWe should use rsvg_convert over rsvg
2009-04-01 Roy MarplesIgnore more files.
2009-04-01 Roy MarplesFix tree
2009-04-01 Roy MarplesMove source to subdir src
2009-04-01 Roy MarplesWork with icons a bit better if there is no GTK+ theme.
2009-03-23 Roy MarplesImprove messages with newer dhcpcd versions.
2009-03-05 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-gtk-0.3.0 dhcpcd-gtk-0.3.0
2009-03-05 Roy MarplesIcons
2009-03-05 Roy MarplesBetter message
2009-03-05 Roy MarplesUse better icons and titles. Remove useless help menu...
2009-03-05 Roy MarplesGive the entry an icon.
2009-03-05 Roy MarplesTypo
2009-03-05 Roy MarplesTart up comment
2009-03-05 Roy MarplesNetwork Cofigurator sounds better
2009-03-05 Roy MarplesNetwork Preferences
2009-03-05 Roy MarplesFix compile and icon.
2009-03-05 Roy MarplesWe now have a working preference screen and can rebind...
2009-03-05 Roy MarplesSplit the config part into a new file.
2009-02-28 Roy MarplesNULL error
2009-02-27 Roy MarplesWe can now save our preferences :)
2009-02-20 Roy MarplesRejig menu order.
2009-02-17 Roy MarplesChange to a window so we can control it better.
2009-02-17 Roy MarplesAdd the humble beginnings for a preferences dialog.
2009-02-13 Roy MarplesFix icon.
2009-02-12 Roy MarplesFix more formatting.
2009-02-11 Roy MarplesUse a more KNF style.
2009-02-11 Roy MarplesDon't spam the desktop with a notification on initial...
2009-02-11 Roy MarplesDon't popup a menu if no scan results.
2009-02-05 Roy MarplesWe don't use this param
2009-02-05 Roy MarplesAdd tooltip showing BSSID and flags.
2009-02-04 Roy MarplesMake OK default.
2009-02-04 Roy MarplesTweak how we connect.
2009-02-04 Roy MarplesFix wpa setup a little.
2009-02-04 Roy MarplesWe finally work with PSK/WEPKEY_0 entry and we now...
2009-02-04 Roy MarplesHave a stab at implementing a psk entry dialog.
2009-02-03 Roy MarplesAdd Found new AP notification.
2009-02-03 Roy MarplesSave a few bytes.
2009-02-03 Roy MarplesSave scan results on dhcpcd events.
2009-02-02 Roy MarplesAdd a radio and progress bar to the ssid menu.
2009-02-02 Roy MarplesFix crashing.
2009-02-02 Roy MarplesRe-work around dhcpcd-dbus-0.2