2014-11-21 Roy MarplesRemove dead store.
2014-11-21 Roy MarplesEnsure the AP's stay in alphabetical order when new...
2014-11-20 Roy MarplesChange the icons in the combox box when saving / cleari...
2014-11-19 Roy MarplesMake the about dialogs more similar.
2014-11-19 Roy MarplesDisplay the dialogs near the mouse for ease of use.
2014-11-19 Roy MarplesUse a standard icon here.
2014-11-19 Roy MarplesMake the prefs buttons more like dhcpcd-qt.
2014-11-19 Roy MarplesFix a garbage condition
2014-11-19 Roy MarplesSort the list of interface names alphabetically for...
2014-11-19 Roy MarplesList inteface links rather than ipv4.
2014-11-19 Roy MarplesFix IP address sensitivity for SSIDs
2014-11-19 Roy MarplesFix some memory errors.
2014-11-19 Roy Marplesdhcpcd-qt now has the same document-save and new icons...
2014-11-18 Roy MarplesAdd new icons from GNOME, KDE Oxygen and Elementary...
2014-11-12 Roy MarplesFix a potential NULL dereference.
2014-11-11 Roy MarplesStrip weak duplicate and blank SSIDs as we don't suppor...
2014-11-11 Roy MarplesDo a case insenstive compare then case sensitive compar...
2014-11-11 Roy MarplesIf SSID are equal, sort by strength as well.
2014-11-11 Roy MarplesUse a merge sort from Simon Tatham to sort wireless...
2014-11-07 Roy MarplesClear interface menu's sanely when the interface is...
2014-11-07 Roy MarplesRedraw the menu when we get or lose an AP from the...
2014-11-07 Roy MarplesDon't free the menu scan reference. Fixes [6b883fb943...
2014-10-16 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.7.4 dhcpcd-ui-0.7.4
2014-10-16 Roy MarplesFind qmake in $QMAKE or $QTDIR/bin rather than rely...
2014-10-14 Roy MarplesWork with raN_addr if found.
2014-10-08 Roy MarplesBetter link messages
2014-10-06 Roy MarplesQuick fix for building without KDE. dhcpcd-ui-0.7.3
2014-10-06 Roy MarplesRe-release dhcpcd-ui-0.7.3
2014-10-06 Roy MarplesFix make dist to export the fossil trunk, not whats...
2014-10-06 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.7.3
2014-10-03 Roy MarplesYear update.
2014-10-03 Roy MarplesSupport DHCPv6 delegated addresses.
2014-10-03 Roy MarplesDon't report cable carrier if we have a configured...
2014-10-03 Roy MarplesUse correct icon on prefs window.
2014-10-03 Roy MarplesNo need to echo CFLAGS at this point.
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesDon't install autostart files.
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesAdd KDE notification support.
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesFix menu position when new AP's are lost/found.
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesDon't keep the dialog on the screen in the event of...
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesDon't use stpcpy
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesDon't include the trailing NUL in encode/decode size.
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesThis is more correct
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesWork with older dhcpcd's again re wireless ssid.
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesClear a compile warning
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesRemove vis/unvis encoding and dhcpcd-decode, this was...
2014-09-30 Roy Marples: is an optional delimiter for hex strings.
2014-09-30 Roy Marpleslibdhcpcd consumers don't care about shell encoding...
2014-09-30 Roy Marplesget_value now expects variable names to always have...
2014-09-30 Roy MarplesClean up some compiler warnings.
2014-09-30 Roy MarplesFix a crash.
2014-09-30 Roy MarplesAdd dhcpcd_encode which encodes raw data back into...
2014-09-29 Roy MarplesPrint usage if nothing todo.
2014-09-29 Roy MarplesFix a compiler warning
2014-09-28 Roy MarplesAdd dhcpcd-decode, a utility to decode dhcpcd(8) variab...
2014-09-28 Roy MarplesAdd a function to decode a hex string to binary.
2014-09-28 Roy MarplesRemove options line.
2014-09-28 Roy MarplesAdd dhcpcd_decode which decodes a dhcpcd encoded string...
2014-09-27 Roy MarplesUse TAILQ to make life easy.
2014-09-23 Roy Marplesdistclean config.log
2014-09-23 Roy MarplesImprove libnotify support in configure
2014-09-23 Roy MarplesUse theme icons here rather than stock icons.
2014-09-22 Roy Marplesfd 3 goes to config.log
2014-09-22 Roy MarplesOnly look for a cross compiler if build != host
2014-09-19 Roy MarplesMake the GTK menu dynamic like the QT port ... has...
2014-09-18 Roy MarplesClose WPA listeners when we lose the connection.
2014-09-18 Roy MarplesAdd a TODO list.
2014-09-18 Roy MarplesClose down the menu when losing dhcpcd connection in...
2014-09-18 Roy MarplesFix build
2014-09-18 Roy MarplesInstall our autostart files into /etc/xdg/autostart
2014-09-18 Roy MarplesSystem tray could still be loading so just warn and...
2014-09-18 Roy MarplesTest for strverscmp so we work on musl.
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.7.2 dhcpcd-ui-0.7.2
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesDocument configure options and ensure we package everyt...
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesFix --without-icons
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesMake it possible just to package the icons.
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesAdd a scalable icon for dhcpcd app.
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesMake dhcpcd-online an optional component for split...
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.7.1 dhcpcd-ui-0.7.1
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesAdd some more asserts.
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesAdd missing dhcpcd-qt.8
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesAdd missing file
2014-09-16 Roy MarplesAdd a sample systemd service for dhcpcd-online. dhcpcd-ui-0.7.0
2014-09-16 Roy MarplesAdd missing files.
2014-09-16 Roy MarplesClose down everything if dhcpcd connection lost.
2014-09-16 Roy MarplesInstall a dhcpcd icon so menu entries work.
2014-09-16 Roy MarplesFix install
2014-09-16 Roy MarplesUpdate man pages and allow dhcpcd-qt to actually be...
2014-09-16 Roy MarplesDon't rebind all if found a SSID to rebind.
2014-09-16 Roy MarplesIf rebinding all interfaces, don't specify any.
2014-09-16 Roy MarplesSet a progname to send with our command.
2014-09-15 Roy MarplesFix rebinding some.
2014-09-15 Roy MarplesFix preferences dialog.
2014-09-15 Roy MarplesBring up to date.
2014-09-15 Roy MarplesIf we fail to open the privileged socket, open the...
2014-09-12 Roy MarplesFix ssid selection and a crash on exit.
2014-09-12 Roy MarplesFix wireless icon if none on theme.
2014-09-12 Roy MarplesFix wpa stopping and describe DEPARTED a bit better.
2014-09-12 Roy MarplesFix notifictions when dhcpcd is lost / re-connected.
2014-09-12 Roy MarplesRemove the DhcpcdWi instance if the wpa_supplicant...
2014-09-12 Roy MarplesRemove vanished SSID's from menu.