Update copyrights
[dhcpcd-ui] / src / libdhcpcd / config.c
2015-03-15 Roy MarplesUpdate copyrights
2015-03-04 Roy MarplesFix compile on FreeBSD.
2014-11-19 Roy MarplesSort the list of interface names alphabetically for...
2014-11-19 Roy MarplesFix some memory errors.
2014-11-19 Roy Marplesdhcpcd-qt now has the same document-save and new icons...
2014-09-15 Roy MarplesFix preferences dialog.
2014-09-11 Roy MarplesFix some clang analyzer warnings.
2014-07-03 Roy MarplesRe-write libdhcpcd to talk to dhcpcd directly and not...
2014-05-05 Roy MarplesBring over configure imporvements from dhcpcd.
2009-04-15 Roy MarplesRemove dbus-glib dependency and create libdhcpcd.