Prefer gtk-2 over gtk-3 for the time being as some functions are now marked as deprec...
[dhcpcd-ui] / src / libdhcpcd / libdhcpcd.h
2014-05-06 Roy MarplesPrefer gtk-2 over gtk-3 for the time being as some...
2014-05-05 Roy MarplesBring over configure imporvements from dhcpcd.
2012-02-02 Roy MarplesWork with a seperate interface for Router Advertisements
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesAdd support for a configure script
2009-05-15 Roy MarplesIncrease size of the flags a bit.
2009-04-20 Roy MarplesRecord a history of scan results so we can use an avera...
2009-04-15 Roy MarplesFix compile on Linux.
2009-04-15 Roy MarplesRemove dbus-glib dependency and create libdhcpcd.