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[dhcpcd-ui] / Makefile
2010-07-09 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.5.1
2010-06-09 Roy MarplesBuild as a Debian package.
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.5.0 dhcpcd-ui-0.5.0
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesFix build system so it works on Gentoo portage easily.
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesAdd support for a configure script
2009-12-14 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.4.3 dhcpcd-ui-0.4.3
2009-09-05 Roy MarplesBuild icons for distribution. dhcpcd-ui-0.4.2
2009-09-05 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.4.1
2009-04-15 Roy MarplesRemove dbus-glib dependency and create libdhcpcd.
2009-04-01 Roy MarplesIgnore more files.
2009-04-01 Roy MarplesFix tree
2009-04-01 Roy MarplesMove source to subdir src
2009-04-01 Roy MarplesWork with icons a bit better if there is no GTK+ theme.
2009-03-05 Roy MarplesSplit the config part into a new file.
2009-02-17 Roy MarplesAdd the humble beginnings for a preferences dialog.
2009-02-04 Roy MarplesHave a stab at implementing a psk entry dialog.
2009-01-22 Roy MarplesUse gtk_show_uri instead of libgnome-ui/exo.
2009-01-22 Roy MarplesImport dhcpcd-gtk