We should use gettext.
[dhcpcd-ui] / main.c
2009-01-25 Roy MarplesWe should use gettext.
2009-01-25 Roy MarplesMove stuff to a header and bus_proxy to dbus.
2009-01-23 Roy MarplesCapitalise messages
2009-01-23 Roy MarplesClear errors reported.
2009-01-23 Roy MarplesRe-try dbus connection with timeout and improve icons...
2009-01-23 Roy MarplesUse theme icons. Add comment about looking into animate...
2009-01-22 Roy MarplesReport SSID we lose assocation with.
2009-01-22 Roy MarplesPrettyify the messages and don't notify on renew or...
2009-01-22 Roy MarplesEnsure that the notify pointer is valid.
2009-01-22 Roy MarplesUse gtk_show_uri instead of libgnome-ui/exo.
2009-01-22 Roy MarplesImport dhcpcd-gtk