dhcpcd-qt: Remove support for KDE Notifications
[dhcpcd-ui] / src / libdhcpcd /
2020-08-04 Roy Marpleslibdhcpcd: harden reading of dhcpcd socket
2019-12-11 Roy Marpleslibdhcpcd: Limit messages to SSIZE_MAX
2019-11-29 Roy MarplesSupport the up and coming dhcpcd-9.
2019-09-19 Roy Marpleslibdhcpcd: decode escaped \2XX and \\ correctly
2019-05-31 Roy MarplesPreverse profile and fallback blocks.
2018-04-09 Peter RyanHide hidden SSIDs
2018-03-01 Roy Marpleswpa: update frequency on each dhcpcd event
2018-03-01 Roy Marpleswpa: Match exact ctrl message string length
2018-02-26 Roy Marpleswpa: add better frequency support.
2017-09-08 Roy MarplesFix prior
2017-09-03 Roy Marplesuse getpwuid_r(3) instead of getlogin(3)
2016-02-15 Roy MarplesYay, 2016
2016-02-15 Roy MarplesAdd support for STATIC6
2015-06-29 Roy MarplesAdd the IPv4LL type.
2015-06-09 Roy MarplesAdd the address waiting state, to match the waitip...
2015-05-29 Roy MarplesStore the wpa socket in a per user directory as well.
2015-05-18 Roy MarplesWEXT is linux only.
2015-05-14 Roy MarplesWork with the new dhcpcd ND option parsing code.
2015-05-12 Roy MarplesImprove WPA interaction by allowing the fd to persist...
2015-05-11 Roy MarplesUse constants rather than string comparison for a saner...
2015-05-06 Roy MarplesMove dhcpcd-qt lockfile to DHCPCD_TMP_DIR.
2015-05-05 Roy MarplesMove the wpa socket files out of /tmp and into /tmp...
2015-03-18 Roy MarplesFix compile on Linux.
2015-03-15 Roy MarplesUpdate copyrights
2015-03-15 Roy MarplesClean up with new debug flags and gcc.
2015-03-08 Roy MarplesMove background scanning check to libdhcpcd so that...
2015-03-04 Roy MarplesFix compile on FreeBSD.
2014-12-04 Roy MarplesFix connecting to unsecured AP's.
2014-12-04 Roy MarplesFor Linux and FreeBSD enable background scanning of...
2014-12-03 Roy MarplesNeed an assert here.
2014-12-02 Roy MarplesAdd dhcpcd_wpa_ping to test if wpa_supplicant is alive.
2014-12-02 Roy MarplesAssociated scans are displayed first in a bold font.
2014-12-01 Roy MarplesAllow a blank psk to just select the network.
2014-12-01 Roy MarplesSplit new networks on \n as well as \b.
2014-12-01 Roy MarplesDisconnect before re-configuring as this triggers a...
2014-12-01 Roy MarplesWhen connecting to a SSID, reload the configuration...
2014-12-01 Roy Marplesscan flags -> wpa_flags.
2014-11-21 Roy MarplesEnsure the AP's stay in alphabetical order when new...
2014-11-19 Roy MarplesSort the list of interface names alphabetically for...
2014-11-19 Roy MarplesFix some memory errors.
2014-11-19 Roy Marplesdhcpcd-qt now has the same document-save and new icons...
2014-11-12 Roy MarplesFix a potential NULL dereference.
2014-11-11 Roy MarplesStrip weak duplicate and blank SSIDs as we don't suppor...
2014-11-11 Roy MarplesDo a case insenstive compare then case sensitive compar...
2014-11-11 Roy MarplesIf SSID are equal, sort by strength as well.
2014-11-11 Roy MarplesUse a merge sort from Simon Tatham to sort wireless...
2014-10-14 Roy MarplesWork with raN_addr if found.
2014-10-08 Roy MarplesBetter link messages
2014-10-03 Roy MarplesSupport DHCPv6 delegated addresses.
2014-10-03 Roy MarplesDon't report cable carrier if we have a configured...
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesDon't use stpcpy
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesDon't include the trailing NUL in encode/decode size.
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesThis is more correct
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesWork with older dhcpcd's again re wireless ssid.
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesClear a compile warning
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesRemove vis/unvis encoding and dhcpcd-decode, this was...
2014-09-30 Roy Marpleslibdhcpcd consumers don't care about shell encoding...
2014-09-30 Roy Marplesget_value now expects variable names to always have...
2014-09-30 Roy MarplesClean up some compiler warnings.
2014-09-30 Roy MarplesAdd dhcpcd_encode which encodes raw data back into...
2014-09-29 Roy MarplesFix a compiler warning
2014-09-28 Roy MarplesAdd a function to decode a hex string to binary.
2014-09-28 Roy MarplesAdd dhcpcd_decode which decodes a dhcpcd encoded string...
2014-09-18 Roy MarplesTest for strverscmp so we work on musl.
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesAdd some more asserts.
2014-09-16 Roy MarplesSet a progname to send with our command.
2014-09-15 Roy MarplesFix preferences dialog.
2014-09-15 Roy MarplesIf we fail to open the privileged socket, open the...
2014-09-12 Roy MarplesFix wpa stopping and describe DEPARTED a bit better.
2014-09-12 Roy MarplesFix notifictions when dhcpcd is lost / re-connected.
2014-09-12 Roy MarplesRemove the DhcpcdWi instance if the wpa_supplicant...
2014-09-12 Roy MarplesAllow for every SSID character to be non printable.
2014-09-11 Roy MarplesMove saving WPA configuration to libdhcpcd.
2014-09-11 Roy MarplesFix the rare case of not added the new interface when...
2014-09-11 Roy MarplesFix some clang analyzer warnings.
2014-09-04 Roy MarplesCalculate strength based on the level reported instead of
2014-09-03 Roy MarplesWe should always start WPA listening on interfaces...
2014-09-03 Roy MarplesRemove unused variable.
2014-09-03 Roy MarplesSplit listening to WPA events out of dhcpcd_open as its
2014-09-02 Roy MarplesThe command fd needs to be blocking.
2014-09-02 Roy MarplesAdd guards when closing connections so that we can...
2014-09-02 Roy MarplesDon't block on the dhcpcd socket.
2014-09-02 Roy MarplesAdd configure check for gettext(3).
2014-08-06 Roy MarplesOnly put up a notification on a new message.
2014-07-18 Roy MarplesOnly start new wpa events for link types and if we...
2014-07-18 Roy MarplesFree history
2014-07-18 Roy MarplesSkip pseudo interfaces
2014-07-03 Roy MarplesRe-write libdhcpcd to talk to dhcpcd directly and not...
2014-05-06 Roy MarplesMore const
2014-05-06 Roy MarplesSupport the new link type.
2014-05-06 Roy MarplesPrefer gtk-2 over gtk-3 for the time being as some...
2014-05-05 Roy MarplesBring over configure imporvements from dhcpcd.
2012-07-21 Roy MarplesWork with older style as well.
2012-07-18 Roy MarplesWork with the new ra%d_prefix array
2012-02-03 Roy MarplesFix sorting a little.
2012-02-02 Roy MarplesWork with a seperate interface for Router Advertisements
2010-10-12 Roy MarplesAllow ROUTERADVERT to be an up reason.
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesAdd support for a configure script
2009-12-03 Roy MarplesDBus booleans seem to stamp on more space than a C99...
2009-08-18 Roy MarplesFix segfault if error getting scans.