Improve qt diagnostics.
[dhcpcd-ui] / configure
2015-03-18 Roy MarplesImprove qt diagnostics.
2015-03-15 Roy MarplesClean up with new debug flags and gcc.
2015-03-08 Roy MarplesMove background scanning check to libdhcpcd so that...
2015-03-05 Roy MarplesImprove configure errors
2015-03-05 Roy MarplesGlue dhcpcd-curses into configure
2015-02-09 Roy MarplesFix build on FreeBSD, thanks to Guy Yur.
2014-12-04 Roy MarplesFor Linux and FreeBSD enable background scanning of...
2014-10-16 Roy MarplesFind qmake in $QMAKE or $QTDIR/bin rather than rely...
2014-10-06 Roy MarplesRe-release dhcpcd-ui-0.7.3
2014-10-03 Roy MarplesNo need to echo CFLAGS at this point.
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesAdd KDE notification support.
2014-10-02 Roy MarplesRemove vis/unvis encoding and dhcpcd-decode, this was...
2014-09-30 Roy MarplesAdd dhcpcd_encode which encodes raw data back into...
2014-09-28 Roy MarplesAdd dhcpcd-decode, a utility to decode dhcpcd(8) variab...
2014-09-28 Roy MarplesAdd dhcpcd_decode which decodes a dhcpcd encoded string...
2014-09-23 Roy MarplesImprove libnotify support in configure
2014-09-22 Roy Marplesfd 3 goes to config.log
2014-09-22 Roy MarplesOnly look for a cross compiler if build != host
2014-09-18 Roy MarplesInstall our autostart files into /etc/xdg/autostart
2014-09-18 Roy MarplesTest for strverscmp so we work on musl.
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesFix --without-icons
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesMake it possible just to package the icons.
2014-09-17 Roy MarplesMake dhcpcd-online an optional component for split...
2014-09-16 Roy MarplesInstall a dhcpcd icon so menu entries work.
2014-09-16 Roy MarplesFix install
2014-09-16 Roy MarplesUpdate man pages and allow dhcpcd-qt to actually be...
2014-09-02 Roy MarplesAdd guards when closing connections so that we can...
2014-09-02 Roy MarplesAdd --with-qt and --without-qk options.
2014-09-02 Roy MarplesAdd configure check for gettext(3).
2014-08-16 Roy MarplesAdd an initial Qt port.
2014-07-08 Roy MarplesDon't pull in dbus
2014-07-03 Roy MarplesRe-write libdhcpcd to talk to dhcpcd directly and not...
2014-05-06 Roy MarplesPrefer gtk-2 over gtk-3 for the time being as some...
2014-05-05 Roy MarplesBring over configure imporvements from dhcpcd.
2012-07-17 Roy MarplesPort to GTK+-3
2012-02-06 Roy MarplesAdd clang as a supported compiler. dhcpcd-ui-0.6.0
2010-07-11 Roy MarplesFix build for slackware.
2010-07-09 Roy MarplesAdd a man page for dhcpcd-gtk.
2010-06-09 Roy MarplesBuild as a Debian package.
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesUpdate copyrights and grab version in configure.
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesFix build system so it works on Gentoo portage easily.
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesFix configured icons and notify.
2010-05-24 Roy MarplesAdd support for a configure script