Add Found new AP notification.
[dhcpcd-ui] / menu.c
2009-02-03 Roy MarplesSave a few bytes.
2009-02-02 Roy MarplesAdd a radio and progress bar to the ssid menu.
2009-02-02 Roy MarplesRe-work around dhcpcd-dbus-0.2
2009-01-26 Roy MarplesClean up warnings.
2009-01-25 Roy MarplesThere is no need to show the license on the help about...
2009-01-25 Roy MarplesWe should use gettext.
2009-01-25 Roy MarplesRemove warnings
2009-01-25 Roy MarplesAdd preliminary support for adding wireless networks...
2009-01-22 Roy MarplesRelease 0.1.2
2009-01-22 Roy MarplesUse gtk_show_uri instead of libgnome-ui/exo.
2009-01-22 Roy MarplesImport dhcpcd-gtk