descriptionGTK+ / Qt / Curses interface to dhcpcd.
last changeThu, 18 Mar 2021 15:30:13 +0000 (15:30 +0000)
2021-03-18 Roy MarplesDisconnect when same SSID selected (#1) master
2020-12-28 Roy MarplesFix dist to find cairosvg dhcpcd-ui-0.7.8
2020-12-28 Roy MarplesUse cairosvg rather than librsvg to convert SVG to...
2020-12-28 Roy MarplesRelease dhcpcd-ui-0.7.8
2020-12-28 Roy MarplesAdd support dhcpcd NOCARRIER_ROAMING
2020-12-08 Hanno Zysiklibdhcpcd: Work once more with data which does not...
2020-08-10 Roy Marplescurses: ncurses may define curs_set outside of curses
2020-08-09 Roy Marplesdhcpcd-qt: Remove support for KDE Notifications
2020-08-09 Roy Marplesdhcpcd-qt: Use 22x22 png icon with system tray
2020-08-08 Roy Marpleswhitespace
2020-08-08 Roy Marplesdhcpcd-qt: Add support for KDE5 Notifications
2020-08-08 Roy Marplesconfigure: Fix notify for gtk
2020-08-04 Roy Marpleslibdhcpcd: harden reading of dhcpcd socket
2020-08-04 Roy Marplesui: Don't notify new scan results if ANY interface...
2019-12-21 Roy Marplesvwprintw -> vw_printw as the former is deprecated.
2019-12-11 Roy Marpleslibdhcpcd: Limit messages to SSIZE_MAX
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8 years ago dhcpcd-ui-0.7.3
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12 years ago dhcpcd-ui-0.5.0
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