I've been trying to run an IPv6 tunnel without much success - it's far to laggy to use for real work. So I've turned that off, and I just noticed I'm now getting an IPv6 Router Advertisement across my Super Hub3 in modem mode. I've gotten a default route AND a online prefix option to 2a02:8800:f000:2120::/64 (but sadly, no auto config flag). This prefix is owned by Virgin Media.

So, I can ping the router but nothing else as I don't have a public IPv6 IP address. No address via RA, no reply from my DHCPv6 solicitations - which is odd as the router says I can get a managed address and other information. Maybe they have yet to turn that part on? Please, turn it on soon Virgin!

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Written on Mon, 08 Oct 2018 09:42:20 by Rosifarnandiz

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