HTTP/2 enabled

So finally I’ve moved all services from my old server to my Christmas Xen box! This was not without problems due to the fact it had to run NetBSD-current gcc toolchain is broken for some packages which affected running any PHP build clang toolchain was broken for my config (USE_SSP= yes and CPUFLAGS+=-march=core2) clang compiles as a whole were broken due to a recent efiboot import In hind-sight, I could have had the box up and running a lot sooner if I used NetBSD-7 guests (or maybe just a NetBSD-7 build box), but no, I just had to get-current running.
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Welcome to 2014

A new year, a new website! In truth, although I had a nice new server upgrade it seems that Trac just keeps on using resource after resource. Now, having the site entirely python powered isn’t entirely possible- thus far I have yet to find a reasonable email web interface other than RoundCube Also, my PostgreSQL interface of choice uses PHP. Speaking of PostgreSQL, that kind of limits my blogging software choices as most of them only want to use MySQL, which I have no wish to use.
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Site upgrade

I’ve upgraded to trac-0.12 and all the plugins to the latest available. Everything still seems to work :) I’ve also ditched OpenID for the time being as some spammers were still getting through. I still have trouble getting the AccountManager trac plugin to work well, so I’ve gone back to the trac spam filter plugin, with captcha support enabled. We’ll see how this works.

Removing the ISC bloat

First off, ISC must be given credit for supplying the BIND DNS and DHCP servers. They’ve been powering a lot of the internet and private networking for many years, including this server. But the time has come to change! I’m now using nsd as my public authoritative name server and unbound as my private recursive name server. This results in config files much easier to setup and hopefully more security as nsd is very small leaving less room for public exploits.
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OpenID now required

So to make life a little easier, you now have to have an OpenID account to login to this site. Only users who have logged in can create/change tickets, wiki and post comments to my blog. There are quite a few OpenID Providers, so it should be quite easy. You may already have an OpenID! However, due to how the OpenID plugin works with Trac your username will look a little odd.
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